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Home and Garden January 25, 2012 at 5:19 pm

Apartment for rent for 700 or less?

Does anyone know of any place or anyone who is renting out a studio or one bedroom apartment within the D.C. area for $700 or less.
Recently married and young, need a place of our own- Please Help!!! 

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Craigslist is your best bet, but you’ll have a tough time finding something that cheap.

I don’t much about specific apartments in this price range, but larger apartment buildings/communities in the area often advertise on this website: http://www.apartmentshowcase.com/.  Criagslist is better for finding individual units to rent and housing shares (although some buildings do put listings there). Good luck!

There are definitely places in PG County that are that cheap–and lots of them include parking and utilities. 


Hyattsville or Mount Rainier off of Rhode Island Ave. Both are a short car or bike ride to the West Hyattsville Metro Stop, or there are loads of buses on RI Ave to downtown DC. Hyattsville has Franklin’s and new retail/restraunts as part of their “Arts District”, Mount Rainier has Glut – a sweet coop as well as a few other hidden gems. Mount Rainier in particular feels a bit like 1990s Takoma Park, though the same could be said about parts of Hyattsville as well.  A nice mix of affordability/liveability.

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