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Announcements December 26, 2013 at 12:54 pm

Apartment Construction-advice needed

Hi Popville,
I live in an older rent controlled building in NW. Early last week some LOUD construction started directly below my apartment. On day two I went down to figure out what was going on and was told the main water line coming into the building was leaking, and the construction was necessary. On day three I went down and again asked when they’d be finished- the noise level was exceeding 100 decibels in my apartment for hours on end, making it impossible for me to do anything at all, and seemingly making my cat physically ill. I’m told they’ll be finished in an hour or so with the loud drilling, and may just hear some hammering after that. No problem.
Next day, 10 AM, the noise begins again. I go downstairs yet again, they tell me they’ll be done by 1 PM. They were still working at 6 when I left.
Fast forward to today… And they’re at it again!
I understand construction is necessary, however there was never any notice posted regarding the construction, nor the fact that we would lose hot water/all water for intermittent periods. If I had known this, I would’ve packed up on day one, taken my cat and stayed somewhere else for the duration. The noise is so loud and the vibrations so strong that it sounds and feels as if there is a motorcycle at the foot of my bed- things falling off the shelves and everything.
I’m pissed off because all of my attempts at figuring out how long this will last have been met in a hostile manner by the guys doing the work- who live in the building and seem to be in charge of maintenance.

I should note that I haven’t contacted my landlord yet, we don’t have the best relationship and I’m worried that there may be some retaliation for my complaining…

So, basically I’m wondering where I stand legally, and what my rights are for withholding my rent, etc. Anything helps!



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