Apartment building break-ins/attempted break-ins around Adams Morgan/Col.Hts area?

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Topic: Apartment building break-ins/attempted break-ins around Adams Morgan/Col.Hts area?

Public Safety September 7, 2012 at 12:20 pm

Apartment building break-ins/attempted break-ins around Adams Morgan/Col.Hts area?


I live in the Chalfonte, the large apartment building where Argonne Place and Harvard Street meet.  My apartment is within earshot of the side entrance to the building.  All the tenants have key fobs that we use to get inside.  There is a lobby attendant on duty by the main entrance, but only on weekdays until about midnight or 1:00am (and tenants use their key fobs at that entrance as well, since the lobby staff are really only supposed to buzz in prospective renters, not tenants or tenants’ guests.) 
There have been numerous times over the past six months when I could hear someone violently trying to pull or bang open the locked door; most of the time, it seems to be late at night, after the lobby person is gone, and sometimes they try repeatedly for up to 15-20 minutes. (No one has ever busted the glass in yet, though.)  The first or second time, I thought a tenant might have just locked him/herself out but I’m not sure if this makes sense, since: a) we have a lock-out number to call (a pain, I know, but better than potentially destroying the door and getting dinged for it by management); and b) presumably once the person got into the building, they’d still be locked out of their apartment anyway. It’s possible the key fob pad occasionally fails to unlock the door, but the one time this happened to me and a couple of other tenants, we simply went around to the main door and it opened up just fine. 
I admit, I’ve been unsure whether to call the police, since I’m assuming they’re occupied with more serious issues and I don’t know that they’d respond in time to catch the person still at the door (and I’m doubtful they’d charge the person with anything).  At this point, it’s happened enough that I’m definitely going to bring it up with the building management, as it’s disconcerting to be woken up in the middle of the night by the sound of someone trying to bust into your building.
But I’m curious, has anyone nearby had similar experiences at their apartment building? Is this a pattern of attempted break-ins? A roving unhinged person? Or just a tenant that locks themselves out a LOT?

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Did you hear this on the back entrance to the first floor elevators on Harvard & Lanier?  The entrance where you have to go up those stairs to get to the door?  My apartment in the Chalfonte overlooks that entrance and I’ve never heard anything like that. 
If you’re talking about the side entrance to the 2nd floor, on the corner of Harvard and Argonne, sometimes my key fob doesn’t work at that door and it takes me multiple attempts to get it opened.  Not sure why the person in this case just didn’t try another door after 20 minutes, that seemes odd.  I would definitely tell the front desk about what you heard, it could just be something wrong with the lock but it might be something more serious.  I think I’m also going to tell them about my problems with that side door.
PS – Hi Chalfonte neighbor!

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