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Travel and Transportation May 11, 2012 at 12:24 pm

Anyone seen a stolen Scott CR1 Comp?

My bike was recently stolen out of the locked bike cage in the backyard of my home on Capitol Hill. A friend mentioned that he posted on PriceofPetworth about his stolen bike and he was able to recover it, so I thought I’d try here for help.

It’s a 2010 Scott CR1 Comp. Black body, white handlebars, white and blue trim. Here’s a link to an image:
I love, love, love this bike. It was the first nice thing I ever bought myself, and I bought it to celebrate graduating from law school and becoming a public interest lawyer — but because I’m public interest, I really don’t have the money to replace it. After riding whatever bike I could afford for years, I feel like this bike taught me how glorious bike riding can be, and I just want it back.

And the crazy thing about this was that they had to a) leap a seven foot tall wooden fence to get into the gated back area of the house and once there, had to reach through the bars of the locked iron bike cage with either an extreeemely long arm or a stick to help unlock it, to get to the bike. It wasn’t a snatch and grab on the street; it was breaking and entering.

I’ve got the receipt documenting the purchase and a serial number, for what that’s worth. I also filed a police report, so if it turns up I have pretty solid proof of ownership.

If you can help at all, I’d so appreciate it!


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