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Home and Garden June 9, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Anyone know where to buy 20% Vinegar

I started a garden in my once-overgrown back yard but the weeds are just terrible. I’ve been looking into natural gardening products and really strong vinegar seems to be a good weed killer. I’ve called around garden supply stores in the city to no avail, and before I order it online I was wondering if anyone in the area knew where to get it. Thanks for the help!

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I’ve looked unsuccessfully for 9-15% vinegar in the city and havent had luck.  I did try once mixing 5% viengar with salt to create a fairly good herbicide for killing those stubborn weeds in the cracks of sidewalks.
I’m looking forward to hearing answers.  also where are you going to order it from otherwise?


Can’t you just dilute vinegar from the grocery store with water? I was going to try that, but haven’t yet.

Pulling weeds takes a little more effort but I find it works better then vinegar at getting to the root of the problem. Replace the weeds with ornamental weeds to your liking, then a few sheets of the Washington Post (they use a non-toxic vegetable ink) are added between the soil and any mulch you lay down. 
Store brand vinegar is typically 5% acetic acid. You might try adding acidic acid to increase the acidity. Vinegar Weed Killer:

Thanks for the replies. Generally I wouldn’t mind pulling weeds, but these are a real pain. They grow over a foot in just a few days and no matter how many roots I dig up more magically appear. Putting down the newspapers might really help though, I’ll give that a shot

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