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Anyone interested in a little stray orange cat?

My dog and I keep running into this little cat at the corner of 12th and M Streets NW, hiding under a bush, meowing.  The cat is SUPER friendly but has the nicked ear that means no shelter wants to take – someone has decided the cat is feral but it really doesn’t seem like it (there are lots of ferals in the neighborhood).  The cat’s by itself, crying and doesn’t seem to know what a dog is or a car, etc.  I don’t think it will do well in the wilds of DC, as it were.  I am violently asthmatically allergic or I’d bring it home right now.  Anyway, if someone’s interested I’d be willing to help with the vet check-up, etc.

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Are you sure thats not Scooter? The neighborhood Logan Circle cat with a nick on his ear? He has a tag…

This little one doesn’t have a tag that I can see; he or she is very small (I have not attempted to, er, look under the hood to determine gender). Maybe he’s just wandered a little further south than usual…

The “tipped” ear means that the cat has been spayed or neutered through a Trap-Neuter-Release program.  However, some cats that get picked up in TNR programs aren’t actually feral cats, but castoff/lost tame cats that joined colonies of feral cats.  Maybe that’s the case here?

OP, you might also want to see the advice — esp. that of JH and Scarydogmother — on another thread about a stray cat: .

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