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General Discussion March 11, 2013 at 1:14 pm

Anyone have some moving boxes?

I’m looking for moving boxes to help out an elderly friend.  CL has been a bust so far.  Anyone have a stockpile taking up space that I could come get?

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If you live near Logan Circle, Logan Hardware throws all of its cardboard boxes in a locked dumpster in the back alley.  They will give them to you if you pop in and ask! 

Get on the DC Freecycle Yahoo Group (do a google search for the link…)
People give away moving boxes on there everyday of the week. I got my boxes from there and then passed them on to another Freecycle’r a few days after my move. I wonder if the same boxes are still floating around, lol.

Thanks for the tip on Logan Hardware – I called them but they were kind of vague about scavaging boxes.  But I then called Annies Ace in Petworth and they said yeah – a whole dumpster full of boxes.  So I got plenty there. Makes sense that a hardware store would have lots of boxes.
Now is anyone interested in buying lots of fancy old china, knick knacks, enormous breakfront or gilded curio cabinet?

Not really moving boxes but there is a copy store on L Street, NW btwn 19&20th that stacks up all their empty paper boxes on the sidewalk in front of their store every day.


i’m about to launch a company that rents plastic reusable moving boxes.  they are picked and delivered right to your door, and are stronger, more eco-friendly, and cheaper than buying cardboard boxes.  if you want to check it out, the website is

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