Anyone had any experience buying and selling with Redfin?

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Topic: Anyone had any experience buying and selling with Redfin?

General Discussion February 9, 2017 at 3:16 pm

Anyone had any experience buying and selling with Redfin?

We’ve been talking to Redfin agents about buying and selling through them. We met one agent for a tour and she seemed very knowledgeable and responsive! However, we haven’t gotten very far into the process yet.

Has anyone would had any experience with their buying and selling services? Would love to know the good and the bad.

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We bought our house with Redfin and were 100% satisfied. If it matters, it wasn’t our first house purchase so we were familiar with the process. Even more important, we weren’t looking for a lot of guidance about where or what to buy, how to make an offer etc. I’m not saying Redfin agents won’t offer that kind of guidance. The point is that if you know you don’t need it, then you’re crazy to lose out on the Redfin rebate by going with a more expensive traditional agent. We pretty much just needed someone to be there when we wanted to view a property (outside of an open house) and then help us with the legal paperwork come offer and closing time. I think we made upwards of eight offers with our agent before we finally won. All of the “losses” were the result of an ultra crazy hot market, not our agent. In the end, we believe we got the house we wanted and again, were very happy with Redfin’s role in helping us get there.

My experience with Redfin was awful. Initially we were greeted by “our agent” for the first property showing, but after that he sent some intern who gave us no information, texted the whole time, dressed like he was about to grab a surf board and hit the beach…just totally unprofessional. Eventually we discovered that a friend of ours was a real estate agent and we ultimately had her navigate the process for us with much better results. She’s no longer local though. If you’re looking for an agent (either buying or selling) try S&G Realty, specifically Edward Slavis ( He knows the entire DMV area really well but has lived in CoHo/Mt. Pleasant for the past several years and personally owns multiple investment properties in the area. You won’t find a more honest or hard working agent in DC. It can’t hurt to call and once you do, trust me, you’ll be convinced.


I agree that if you need a lot of hand holding on each home visit, Redfin probably isn’t for you. By hand holding, I mean you need someone that can spot basic structural issues and/or see the pros and cons of a home’s layout. But, if you’re a bit more seasoned home shopper, then all you really need is someone to unlock the door for you at a time that is convenient for you. Whether that person is dreaming of their surfboard or not, doesn’t really matter. Again, if you’re a first time homebuyer and/or don’t have any experience with the potential pitfalls of either older homes or cheaply done flips, then your money might be well spent on a good realtor that provides you a relatively high level of time and advice.

But in terms of the basic mechanics, Redfin will do you well (at least if our experience was any indicator). Communications with our lender, submission of our offers, negotiation etc were all handled well and in a timely fashion. In the end, with homes going between $500k and $1M (and higher), Redfin’s rebate is worth $7,500 – $15,000. With that kind of extra cash, you could easily afford to pay a really good inspector (for a few hundred) to pre-inspect the property for red flags before even submitting an offer.

Hi, I am new to the forum. One of my friends had a good experience of Redfin.

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