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Home and Garden October 25, 2012 at 10:05 am

Anyone ever had a sinkhole?

My husband and I just found this hole that developed overnight apparently next to the foundation of our home. We are not sure what it is, but it wasn’t caused by an animal. Is it a sinkhole? If it is who do we call to check it out?

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What makes you think it wasn’t caused by an animal?

No animal activity; too big to be a rathole; and there was no signs of digging (dirt mound), tracks, etc. around. 

is it an old standpipe site?

I don’t believe so. We have only owned the house for a few months, but this developed over night and it is very very deep. Someone else said it could just be settling. 

Yeah when I lived in my fraternity house there was a sinkhole on our back porch. Just call Residence Life and tell them to take care of it. Worked for us.

It’s unlikely to be a good old fashioned carbonate (as in limestone) sinkhole.  If it was a problem, it would be a problem for the whole area, and not just your house.  If you’re really worried about it being a sinkhole, you should get a structural engineer out to look at it.  Generally the remedy for real sinkholes is just to fill it in with as much cement or blcktop or whatever as possible (which doesn’t really last, because it’s a sinkhole, and it will keep happening).  Also, fun fact: most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover sinkholes, but there are some that do.
It’s probably something that was buried and collapsed/caved in with the rain.

An animal usually shows signs of gnawing or poop or something else left behind.  A sink hole can be determined by filling it with gravel and if it opens up again then you know you have a problem with a sink hole.  Also it could be a water pipe somewhere underground that has broken and has softened the ground to make it cave in.  Sometimes if the infrastructure is so old and starts to go these can be the signs.  It the same things that happened here in Va Beach.

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