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Topic: Anyone else receive a visit from a bogus pepco employee?

Other February 2, 2012 at 9:58 am

Anyone else receive a visit from a bogus pepco employee?


Last night a man knocked on our door (we live in Petworth) claiming to be a Pepco employee and he wanted to talk us about their cost efficiency program. It was late – 8 pm – and the whole situation smelled shady; not to mention he had no ID or uniform, and he tried to shake my husband’s hand when he introduced himself. We sent him away and called Pepco. Pepco told us that the only door-to-door activity they have going on is in MD, and that employees would not be knocking that late. They also stated that all employees are required to have ID prominently displayed on their outerwear.
When we called it in to MPD, they told us that this type of activity needs to be reported immediately; call 911 with a description.
Description: Black male. Medium complexion. Very thin, bony face. Late 40’s early 50’s. Polite. Bright blue windbreaker. Clipboard. No ID. 8:10 pm. “Hi, I am xxxx from Pepco and would like to talk to you about energy conservation . . . “

Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing before? Are there other ways that suspicious people use to case your house? I assume this was a prospective burglar.

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What you want to know about it

I had the same thing happen to me on P St. in Truxton Circle a couple of days ago at about 5:30 pm.  There were two sets of two men going door to door.  They had on blue jackets with yellow reflective vests.  They had some ID badges on but I didn’t really see them well.  One had a clipboard with the names and accompanying address of everyone on the block.  When I asked whether he was really from Pepco, he told me they were actually from Constellation Energy, the wholesale provider of electricity, as he explained to me.  He wanted me to get my last bill to show him the account number and kW usage, so I could enroll in the DC Customer Choice program and save one cent per kW.  I told him I didn’t have a bill since I just moved in, which was true.  He asked me to go online and get the info.  I told him I didn’t have the internet yet, which was also true.  He left me his name (Ryan) and number on the back of random business card, but said he’d also be by next week if I had the info by then.  He was a white guy, maybe 30ish, black rimmed glasses, like the old Verizon “Can you hear me now?” guy, but a little trimmer.  Maybe I’ll give that number a call and see where it goes.


In the last few days I have had a number of sales reps from alternate energy providers come by. All of them initially claimed to be from Pepco.

i’ve had this mid afternoon though.  he gave me paperwork on tax benefits for energy efficiency projects.
it didn’t look shady to me.


The Pepco scam made the news a while back.

they came to my place a few days ago (we live in Pworth). He was in regular clothing as you mentioned. It was a energy company claiming they can lower our bill if we showed them our bill. I didn’t feel threatened in any way, maybe a lil shady buy not enough to make me call the Police. I just figured they were door to door salesmen.  

The door to door solicitor is almost certainly working as a sales agent enrolling customers for Constellation Energy’s residential electricity program.  The fraud part is that he is posing as a Pepco employee to do so.  He should be reported to the DC Public Service Commission, Constellation Energy, and the police.  Constellation executives will want to identify him and will want to know which of their outsourced sales agencies he works for.  They will fire him instantly and give one warning to the outsourced sales agency. 
A similar case occurred recently in another state door to door solicitor represented himself as from the state’s Public Service Commission.  He had the misfortune to call at the home of a Public Service Commission employee and identify himself as from the commission.  He was identified and the Public Service Commission was all over the energy company that let this happen – I think they were eventually fined $100,000 for fraudulent sales practices.   

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