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Auto June 13, 2012 at 2:39 pm

Anyone been to Aim Auto Repair in Shaw?

I was just quoted $1100 for a non-essential repair to my Civic. That’s from the dealer, so I’m hoping to find another mechanic who could give me an estimate, or at least so I don’t have to drive out to Bethesda for minor repairs. There are good reviews of Aim on Yelp, but I’d love hear from anyone who’s given them a try. Thanks! 

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I used a guy off Craigs list a few months back when my car would not start. He tried to trouble shoot it over the phone, we talked multiple times after I tried different things, and then he came out and fixed it that night. I bought the part at Auto Zone and his labor was reasonable compared to a dealer and considering he came to me. I would call him and explain what you need done and see if he can do it. Obviously it depends on the work you need done, but he was really nice, helpful, and loves cars. I was surprised that he was able to replace an internal engine part in my parking lot.

We had work done there last week.
tire rotation, brake realignment and oil change was $96.  Our a/c was busted, which was why we took it in, and the total to replace some seal and flush/add freon.  Total was $421.  The woman apologized for it taking a while to find the leak.  They were friendly, fast, and convenient.  Bethesda, where we had gone until now, was $50 just for the oil change. 

I have used AIM quite a few times. The first time I needed to get a lot of work repaired to pass DC inspections. I was expecting to do work on my brakes but AIM told me that I had a at least six months left on them. He suggested that I fix the necessary repairs first and wait until the brakes actually need to be replaced. I was extremely grateful when less than two months later I ended up trading in my car.

Been there twice.  They are fair (aren’t going to tell you things are wrong when they actually aren’t), but their labor is expensive (told me it was going to take an hour ($90 labor) to change a 02 sensor — a 15-30 min job).  Was quoted a similar amount from other shops, but I found one that would do the job for $30 less. 


 Another good mechanic is Lee’s Auto Service on 8th St. in Brookland. I’ve been going to him for 20 years, and he’s a great option for older cars.

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