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Any ideas for movers, moving box rentals?

My roommate and I are moving in early February from H Street NE to SW. We were hoping to rent moving boxes/plastic crates to cut down on waste and lugging boxes on the bus (neither of us have cars), and we’re getting movers. Recommendations for either? Is there a company that both provides reusable boxes and then moves them for a decent price?

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My roommate and I recently moved from Arlington into DC. We used pro 100 movers ( and they were great! We moved from an apartment complex with an elevator and loading dock to a fourth floor condo with no elevator. I think the total ended up a little under 500 (with tip) for two full bedroom sets of furniture, an entire living room set of furniture, a dining set, and at least 30 boxes (maybe more). They did it in one trip. We went over the estimated time, but their overage rate is extremely fair. $500 for that amount of stuff is a steal! We used our own boxes that we gathered from friends etc, but they also offer boxes, as well as packing/unpacking services, though I do not know how much of an additional fee that is. I do recommend scheduling your move for a weekday morning, and being the first move of the day for them. As they can get behind schedule (we made them a few hours behind schedule because of all of our stuff – oops!). All in all, great movers!

I used Bookstore movers a little over a month ago — and they were absolutely wonderful. They came on time and were congenial, flexible, and efficient. This was my first major move, and I couldn’t imagine better people than John, Kahdeem and Conor to trust with all of my worldly goods. I had a LOT of books, a plant that needed to be wrapped up for transport, schedules at two loading docks to coordinate, and complicated transportation plans when my ride fell through. And crappy weather. John, Kahdeem, and Conor patiently, calmly, and competently managed the whole thing with kindness and grace. John measured furniture and spaces while I dithered about where to place a bookshelf. When I laboriously attempted to shift a mattress, Kahdeem quickly stepped up and did it for me. When I asked about an oddly shaped box, Conor knew exactly where in the piles of 50+ boxes to find it. I highly, HIGHLY recommend Bookstore movers.

I used these guys in July and they were great:

I used for my last 2 moves — it was great. You order the boxes that you need online and they come drop them off at your house and pick them up after you’re done with the move. No rush to finish either — they let you keep the boxes for a month or so without an additional charge.

I bought boxes from last time when I moved. They build quality custom made boxes according to our specification. The boxes were of very good quality and we still use them to store some of their things. I’m not sure of whether they would give boxes for rent. If you want I can contact them and ask if they will or else you can contact them yourselves.

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