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Home and Garden August 13, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Antique Furniture buyers/dealers?

Any advice on dealers or buyers who specialize in antique furniture? I have a couple pieces (including a gorgeous drafting table) that I need to sell since I just don’t have the room for them anymore, but Craigslist is proving to be a let down. I’ve sold just about the rest of the stuff I need to move on CL, but am tired of getting low-balled on pieces that I know are of very high quality.
Alternatively, if you’re interested in an antique drafting table with a light box, I’ve got one going for $350!
Thanks guys!

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Would love to see a pic of the table. [email protected]

I think it’d be worth your time to walk around Georgetown and pop into the many antique shops. They’re all pretty high end, and I was suprised to learn that alot of the stuff they sell is on consignment. Might be a good way to find a dealer for your stuff.

If it’s worth $350.00 any antique shop will want to give you (sensibly) half that or less.  Just keep posting on CL – it is a unique – and large – item for a pretty narrow market, but you just need the one right buyer.  I recently sold an antique curio cabinet – took about 6 weeks and fending off multiple scammers, but ultimately got $400.00 – which was pretty close to the estimated value.

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