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Public Safety November 4, 2013 at 9:05 pm

Another package thief in petworth

Last Thursday, we had a brazen thief come onto the porch and steal our packages. I am not sure why FedEx left them without signature, but I am hoping maybe posting the picture will help the police identify the man. From our cameras, we can see him scope the porch out, go to the back of the house, come up onto the porch and then return to the side to rummage through everything. He didn’t seem bothered by the cameras and seemed like this wasn’t his first time.

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I am adding the pictures here again in hopes they come out this time!

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FedEx no longer requires signatures on things delivered to homes.

I live in Petworth and had a package stolen off my porch last week. I was home the entire day, sitting in the living room, just feet away from my front door. UPS never even knocked. They just left the package and someone else apparently took it. Never ever had an issue with this before.

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