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Topic: Anacostia- Would you move there? Which parts?

Real Estate November 14, 2014 at 1:27 pm

Anacostia- Would you move there? Which parts?

I don’t know much about Anacostia other than its reputation – dangerous, isolated, etc. But, looking at homes, it seems like there are some beautiful homes for reasonable prices on that side of the river. Are there parts of Anacostia that are better than others where it might be smart to target a housing search?

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My husband and I moved east of the rive almost 3 years ago, though to the Capitol View neighborhood. We’d also looked at houses in Anacostia, but fell in love with our house farther north. I think the takeaway from our experience is that it really depends block by block which parts feel okay and which don’t. So, if you see a house you like go and view it and walk around a bit. You’ll be able to tell if you’ll feel comfortable there. Be honest with yourself about whether you’ll be okay living in a neighborhood where you need to be more safety conscious.

On the very positive side: We like it in Capitol View because I have a short commute to work in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. There are a lack of some amenities, but it’s easy to go to Capitol Hill (by metro or bus) or out to Maryland (in our car) for things we can’t find in our neighborhood. Our neighbors are friendly and look out for each other.

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