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Alleyway Parking/Who "Owns" the Alleyways?


My house in Shaw backs up to an alley, and then an apartment complex. They have a small parking lot, but apparently have too many cars and not enough spots, so they have created a parallel-type parking spot directly behind our backyard/parking area in the alleyway. This prevents us from using our own parking spot/backyard and also blocks in our car if it’s parked but we cannot get out. They are technically not blocking the alleyway, as other cars could squeeze by, but as it’s right behind us, we don’t have enough room to swing in and out.

When I reached out to them to complain, they said the alleyway is their property and that they won’t be moving this “new” spot.

I’m new to the DC parking scene – can I call the 311 ticketing number the next time it happens, or are they correct in that the alleyway is part of their property? Who owns/is responsible for the alleyways and side streets? It’s a large alleyway that connects all the way around to the main street, and multiple restaurants/bars use it for load in/out as well so it seems strange that it would be part of their property.

Any insight would be great!

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Alleys are public spaces. Next time this happens, call 911 (the number for all police calls, not just emergencies) and tell them that a car is parked in the alley.
If the car is parked on a piece of land that’s adjacent to the alley but not actually part of the alley, that might be a different story.

+1 Also put a camera on your car/driveway area.

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