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Age of a row house in Petworth?

How can I find out the real age of our row house in Petworth? One source says 1913; another 1915. Is there a place that has authentic data for DC homes?

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google “dc recorder of deeds” – click the first link in the list, dc office of tax and revenue. on that page, click document images, and then online public records. It says it has data from 1921 onwards, and i realize you are looking for 1913 or 15, but this will at least give you information from the earliest deed in the online system. You will probably have to take that information and go to their office and look up the earlier deeds in the actual books.
You can also try looking for real estate ads in online historical newspapers. my sister found the ad for our house, back when it was first built. the library of congress has a lot of these papers online.

I recently researched the history of our rowhome built in 1917. The best resource is the Washingtonia Collection at the MLK library. Know your square and lot number and from there you can locate the original permit to build, any permits issued since then, records of who has owned the house, etc. I found it to be quite fun.

You wnat to find the permit to build.
Here’s a guide:
The microfilm of all the permits is in Washingtoniana. You’ll want to find it and subsequent ones for additional work on the property. A permit won’t tell you exactly when construction took place, but sometimes there are inspection notes which will.

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