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Home and Garden May 9, 2013 at 9:52 pm

Affordable Wrought Iron Railing Options?

I’m looking to install a very simple exterior iron railing for two sets of steps in the front of our rowhouse.  I received one quote from a guy who wanted $800 for a basic railing that spanned 5 steps…which feels like robbery to me. 
I am hoping someone has a good recommendation for either a.) a local iron work shop or a local handy man who has a price that comes in WAY under that, or b.) knows of an online source of pre-fab or custom iron stair railings. 
To help save money…I’d even install it myself…so any recommendations that would allow me to DIY the install are also much appreciated. 
Thanks in advance!

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 There’s a supply place in Hyattsville, MD.  The catalog is a little hard to navigate, but it’s there.
You can relatively easily buy and cut all the parts.  If you’re not a welder, you can probably find someone to come out and weld it all for not too much money, especially if you have it all set up for them.  Then grind it, prime it, and paint it yourself.

Have you looked at Community Forklift?  I was there a couple of weeks ago and they had quite a few stair rails & fencing bits.

$800 doesn’t sound bad, actually. When we needed to replace our front gate we got quotes in the $550-750 range (given those prices I can see why someone stole our original gate!). We went with James Campbell ([email protected]) who did a good job and was easy to work with. I did check out Community Forklift but the stuff they had was complete junk and there wasn’t much selection. I’m sure they get good items occasionally but you probably have to go often to get them before someone else does. 

King Metal in Baltimore sells parts to most of the contractors in the area. You could likely buy from them if you wanted to do the work yourself, if they allow it.

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