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Affordable ways to remove concrete driveway

I’m looking to remove the concrete driveway from behind our rowhouse. Has anyone else done this? Is it easy to do with a jackhammer or does anyone recommend a specific company? Any ideas are appreciated.

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Jackhammering depends how strong you are and how much time you have.  Your physical strength/fitness will determine how easy it is and how long it will take.  I don’t know if I would recommend a large area like a driveway for your first time, but it is definitely the cheapest!  Here’s a good article about doing it and estimating it: but it is a lot of work

Go to Home Depot on RI Ave – rent a jackhammer and hire a couple of laborers from the substantial pool of workers in the parking lot – it’ll be done in no time

We had an old pad removed a couple of years ago, and we hired it out.  I’ve used jack hammers before for small jobs, but nothing bigger than 50 sq ft.  They work great, but require some muscle.  And don’t forget about removing the concrete.  Concrete weighs about 50 pounds for a 1′ x 1′ x 4″ section.  It adds up, and you probably won’t be hauling it away in a half ton ziptruck.  Even Bagster max’s out at 3300 lbs, so only ~70 sq ft of a 4″ pad or ~140 sq ft for a 2″ pad.  
Check out DCRA’s river smart program.  Its a program to help reduce storm water runoff, so if your going to put grass, mulch, garden, or pavers (pervious) in place of the driveway, they will give you some advise on what to do, and even offer some rebates to offset the cost.  I met with them about adding rain barrels, the pervious paver rebate, and a few other things the other week.  Very helpful.  Register or call them.  

How big is your concrete pad?  I could come over and give you a price.  I suggest paying to have it removed as it’s hard work and won’t cost much.  Save the money you can get through the RiverSmart homes program for pervious pavers etc.  They should give you $1,200 towards them (they aren’t cheap).  I don’t know if you need to have PoP connect us or how that would work.  Let me know if you’re interested,  I live in Columbia Heights.

I 3rd using the RiverSmart program.  They’re great, but it does take several weeks or months before they can come out due to the demand on the program.  If you can wait, the rebates/incentives are fantastic.

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