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Sports and Fitness May 11, 2012 at 9:31 am

Affordable suana facilities in DC

I am looking for an affordable suana facilities (conventional or infraed0 in DC. I know that some gym like Vida fitness have suana but I dont want to get a gym membership just for that. I also know that some spa may have sauna but I am not sure about which one and the price range is. Maybe there are some cheaper options here in DC where I can get  sauna 2-3 times a week without break the bank?please help…

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OP here, sorry for all the typos, It posted to quick. Thanks


I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for but you may be able to find a gym that has no annual contract and is a month to month membership. I’m paying $50/month for a Sport and Health month to month membership – if you went 2-3 a week per month it would come to less that $5 a visit. Not sure how much you would want to spend each time to make it feel like a deal though.

You are making a great point there, now I have to find a gym with sauna and no annual contract for a decent price, does that exists in DC? even with my employee discount, the option i have is at least $70/month that is with a long term contract!! Does you Health center have sauna? Anyone else knows a gym with sauna that is no to pricey?


Depends where you live – I go to Northwest Sport and Health near Tenleytown. It has a sauna/stream room and the membership is $50 month to month. The best thing to do might be to call or stop by local gyms and tell them your situation. When I went to sport and health I told them that I couldn’t afford more than $60 a month for a gym and that I really didn’t want an annual contract since I can’t make a long term commitment. They gave me the $50 month to month deal which as far as I know, is not advertised online 

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