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Affordable cobbler in DC?

Not the most interesting topic, but I wanted to use the power of crowd sourcing to find some answers! Like most professionals, I have a few pairs of nice leather shoes. Nothing super nice, maybe $100-$150 per pair. They are all in desperate need of new soles and heels (not to mention a shine but I can do that myself).I went to a few cobblers or dry cleaners that offer that service, and the lowest I found for a half sole replacement and new rubber heel was $60. I need to repair five shoes! Considering all my shoes are at least 5 years old, should I just get a new pair for a little more money? I’d hate to toss my old shoes though since they are all still in great condition. Anyone out there have an affordable cobbler? Even $40 a pair would be a major improvement since I have to repair five pairs. Thanks

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I’m in dress shoes every day, and I’ve really been pleased with the place that is on the main floor of J.C. Lofton Tailors on U St. They’ll do a replacement sole (will do thicker rubberized sole that they claim will never wear out), and a heal plate to limit unbalanced wear / tear on the heals for about $25 per shoe (I believe that’s what I paid for my last pair). Quick service, never had an issue with any work they’ve done to my shoes (I’ve taken Allen Edmonds and Bruno Magli’s there). They are cash only though, and ask that you pay in advance, so make sure you hold on to your receipt and the claim ticket.

I’ve used “Corrective shoe Repair” in Dupont, on 22nd Street, and clearly visible from P Street, NW, for about the past ten (10) years; Great Staff, prompt, requires a deposit, not full payment up front, never had a botched job of any kind; Front desk person is owner, and he’s been the owner/front desk person for all of the past 10 years, I’ve used same; Very reliable, re price, AND the “ready” date. He’ll answer your questions truthfully, re “worthy” of repairing or replacing factoring in of course your own valuable judgment and decision making. I highly recommend.


Philp, on Upshur St NW, at about 8th Street NW. He’s great, and affordable.

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