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Advice for new Petworth resident?

Hello Petworth neighbors – 
I’m moving to Petworth and looking for some recommendations.  I know the neighborhood but looking for the insider tips on places to go, things to do, and ways to meet others in the neighborhood.  I know about the farmers market and the Petworth jazz project, and I already shop at YES! and not the places on Georgia and Upshur.  But there must be other cool places, stuff to do, etc. I’ve lived in DC a long time but I’m curious what people have to say about less well know neighborhood hang outs, events, etc.

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Welcome to the ‘hood!
The Petworth library is a great resource–not only for checking out materials, but they also have things like free yoga classes on weekends, book clubs, etc.
Annie’s Ace Hardware is where you’ll find many Petworth residents getting their necessities and a great starting point for getting to know folks.
Truthfully, though, I’ve met more people simply by being present in the neighborhood–walk around a lot, say hi to people, get to know the patterns of people coming and going. I like to walk around Petworth, then stop in for a treat at Flip It bakery on Georgia & Buchanan or a drink at Qualia coffee, or on a particularly nice day, trek through Rock Creek Cemetery.
I’m not a bar person, though, so can’t speak to any particular “cool places” nearby–depending on where you live in Petworth, however, you may find it easier to go to places in Columbia Heights (Meridian Pint, Wonderland) than in the immediate neighborhood.

My best answer for getting to know people – hang out on your front porch and TALK to your neighbors.  And ditto walking around and engaging.
Some good restaurants – Chez Billy (expensive), Domku (sort of expensive), Moroni Brothers (great pizza), Fusion (excellent Indian and a good place to meet neighbors), two Jamaican joints (Sweet Mango and Pink Snapper), El Torogoz (Mex and El Salvadoran), the bar strip – DC Reynolds, Blue Banana, Looking Glass.  Ditto on above recommendation for Flip It Bakery – a great place to have a lovely lunch on the shaded patio.  Highly recommend the spanish breakfast there – the beans are to die for.  My recommendation is that when frequenting these places, try sitting at the bar (if there is one) and conversing with others.  You learn so much about the people, the history, and the vibe.  
Enjoy the neighborhood.  It really is a great place to live and has a true neighborhood spirit that I’ve not seen in other places I’ve lived (Va. Beach, Manchester NH, Burlington VT…).  It also has its challenges that sometimes require a neighborhood effort to fix – like blighted properties, local drug dealing, etc..  

um, hello??? HITCHING POST.  Deeeeelicious soul food and lovely atmosphere!

Welcome to Petworth.
If you like a little lard in your biscuit – Three Little Pigs.

If you have the fried chicken at the Hitching Post, split the order with someone else, even then you will leave with left overs.  I can’t agree enough with the posters who suggest that you take the time to talk to your neighbors.  In the past couple of years, Petworth has been overrun with people who adopt a hipster aloofness that is not keeping with the spirit of the community.  Don’t be a poseur, say hello to people on the street!

Also: Fish in the Hood, The Red Derby, Mama Chuy (closer to Howard U. but worth it!), and Petworth Farmer’s Market

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