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Adams Morgan Compost Recommendations

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Is there anywhere near Adams Morgan or Columbia Heights that takes produce scraps for composting? I have a lot of produce scraps every week, but I don’t have a yard, and I hate throwing them away to waste.

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Compost Cab will take your materials at Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market on Sundays. They charge $2. Or you can drop off at Common Good City Farm in LeDroit Park for free, anytime. GOod luck!

Veteran Compost ( has started residential food scrap pick up in the DC area. There are several customers already in the Adams Morgan area.

The service is a subscription service and will pick up your scraps weekly via bin swap (taking your bin filled with food scraps and replacing it with a clean bin).

All food scraps go to their composting facility in Aberdeen, MD and are turned into 100% organic compost.

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