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Home and Garden June 23, 2015 at 3:31 pm

A/C Contractor Recommendations?

Just in time for this heat wave, the central air in my house is not really cooling the house the way it has in the past (at least it’s keeping it from being sweltering). Alas, the person who put it all in for us last summer is not an option for coming back to service the unit. Does anyone have any good, reliable, and licensed recommendations for someone/a company who could come out and take a look at our a/c unit (which is on our roof)?

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To make things simple, i will give you a couple of things you can do at this moment that may alter this issue.
-Check your thermostat settings
-Check the air filter
-Clean the outdoor A/C unit
If none of them work, you’ll need to schedule an air conditioning technician to diagnose your problem. I have no particular recommendation, but I suggest you visit the online directories like Porch, Red Beacon and many more, where you can find a multiple of good, reliable and licensed HVAC professional.

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