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Abandoned Vepsa Policy in DC?

I walk down New Hampshire Ave NW every morning, and swear this Vespa has not been touched in 2 years. It’s registration is clearly out of date (expired Sept. 2010), and makes me wonder if the owner has left the district and forgotten about it. Anyone know the city’s policy on something like this? It is taking up valuable bike space. 

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Under DC law that is technically a motorcycle.  Because it’s both illegally parked on the sidewalk and has expired registration it should be impounded. I would call MPD, DPW and fill out an abandoned vehicle request at 311.dc.gov [see the right side-bar under ‘Special Services – Abandoned Vehicles’.] Get a confirmation number and follow up with them if it’s not removed in a few weeks.  If you still get no response try the MPD Yahoo list-serv for whatever police district it’s located in.  Often DPW heads or DC Council staff monitor these list-servs and will then get involved when needed.

Great! I called 311 this morning. Let’s see if anything comes of it!

Abandoned Vespas mean your neighborhood is gentrified.  #FirstWorldProblems

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