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A PEPCO question/scenario (not related to electricity)…

I had a literal run-in with a pepco truck back in July and Pepco has decided to deny my claim on the grounds of no evidence. I’m wondering if anyone has any advice or suggestions, should I just pay for the damage myself and move on?
The basic scenario is that I was driving in a lane next to a pepco truck and after we both made a turn, one of the side doors swung open hitting my car and creating a several inch long gash/dent. Their lane of traffic was moving faster than mine and the truck continued without stopping. My lane was not moving thus by the time I realized what had happened I could not catch up to get the truck ID number. 
I went through the official Pepco claims process and am still waiting for the appraisal report but based on past experiences its probably around $500 (also the amount of my insurance deductible). All along I was told that as long as they could determine there was a pepco truck in the area at the time I reported it they would be able to fund the claim. The incident happened during rush hour a few days after the derecho, so there were MANY pepco trucks driving on that particular stretch of Connecticut Ave at that time.
I have now been told that because no driver or crew has reported this incident that they will be unable to fund my claim. This seems a little rediculous, but I am not sure if it is worth pursuing further. My thoughts are that if it was a private individial who had done this – hit my car with theirs and drove off, that would be considered a crime. Now I know that it was a Pepco truck that did this but yet I have no “proof” other than seeing the truck myself, but it seems to me like they should have to pay for the damage, and more importantly as a public utlity they should hold themselves to a higher standard of accountability in cases like this. 
What would you do?

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Do you have a police report?

My guess is that they may automatically deny any claim the first time, to weed out a few who can’t be bothered to try again. Just keep following up again and again.

Feel bad for you – but as you admitted, you have no evidence or proof.   Could be time to accept and move on.

I’m with Allison on this one. I had a similar incident with a cab driver who hit my car and kept going. I called the police to the scene and they took a report. I called the cab driver’s ins company and they immediately denied liability. I filed a small claim against the driver and the ins company. I fought the ins company’s atty by myself, along with the help of my niece who’s an atty, she didn’t go to court with me. She did however show me how to write up the docs that I needed. To make a long story short, I fought the ins company and I won. So, what Allison said is true they will automatically deny it in hopes that you will go away, but JGE323 YOU’RE NOT GOING TO THAT ARE YOU? You need to fight this because you deserve compensate for your damages and who knows you just might win your case.

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