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Public Safety April 4, 2013 at 10:55 pm

4th and Webster or thereabouts

I’ve been hearing a lot of fights and what sounds like gunshots around 1am or so the last couple nights that seems to be coming from about 4th and Webster or thereabouts. I called 911 the other night when I heard gunshots (sounded like 7?), but I never saw any follow up?  Is anyone else hearing this?  Does anyone know what is going on?

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I’m close by and haven’t heard that.  But I don’t hear anything once I go to bed.  I do know that the house on the southeast corner of NH and Webster is somewhat of a problem with multiple people hanging out on a frequent basis.  They are out there when I let my dog out at 4 or 5 am sometimes.  

I thought I heard exactly 7 gunshots from that general direction a couple nights ago, I’d say during the 11 o’clock hour (though maybe slightly earlier or later). I happened to be outside my house at the time, but I am about a half-mile away from 4th and Webster so I couldn’t be sure what or where it was. It didn’t seem that close to me though.

I am 3rd and Allison and was in bed and looking back at my call history is was about 11:45pm on April 2 that I called 911 about the gun shots.  It sounded close, close enough that everyone in my house popped out of bed simulatneously. 

I’m 2 houses away from that intersection, and haven’t heard anything like that.  We thought we heard a gun shot last week, but not 7!  I’ll keep an ear out though.  

I heard the 7 shots too — am at NH & Webster. It sounded like it was coming from a little further south to me, maybe on Varnum? Never heard any police sirens or saw a car go by, so no idea what happened.
@bfinpetworth – I know which house you mean! I have to pass it on my way to work late at night and the teen who lives there is always out on the porch or the street with a large crowd. The place is a mess, too, the garage door has been broken & falling apart for years now.


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