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PoPville November 28, 2012 at 7:59 pm

30th Birthday in Dupont

Hey PoP Community!
We are agonizing over the plans for my birthday outing. We will be cocktailing in Woodley first and then was thinking of DuPont. Ideal bar will have: good dancing (not house or too much electronic music), relatively affordable drinks, but also some quieter space to hang out with the big group. Thoughts? 

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18th St Lounge has decent dancing, lots of quiet nooks and cranny’s, and somewhat relatively affordable drinks.

Local 16 on U has dancing and a (quieter) heated roof deck.  If you go, get there early; otherwise, getting a big group in would be a problem as there will likely be a line.  Chi Cha might be an option but dancing there is hit or miss, i.e., sometimes there is a lot of it and sometimes no one dances.  As for Dupont, Madhatters gets pretty crowded (again, get their early), but has dancing downstairs and “space” to talk upstairs.  There is always Rumors if you plan on getting sloppy…

I had my 30th birthday at Science Club just south of the circle.  I rented out their 2nd floor space for pretty cheap – everyone bought their own drinks.  it was a great venue – got crowded at times – but good location, cozy space, good music, metro accessible, etc.  

One Lounge in Dupont is a pretty good spot to celebrate a birthday with a group of friends. When a friend planned a birthday party there, he was able to reserve a space for him and his friends for free. They have a few different ares with different vibes from which to choose. I don’t know how much advance notice they might need, but you should check them out!

Not Dupont, but a friend reserved the upstairs room at Marvin for her 30th birthday. I think they had a small charge and a fairly high minimum bar tab, which we easily met with 30-40 people. They played music she requested, and we had it all to ourselves until 10 or so, when they opened it up to the public. I definitely recommend.

Irish Whiskey Public House on 19th St just north of M St will reserve the upstairs for private parties.

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