25 feet from stop sign tickets. Is it legal?

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Topic: 25 feet from stop sign tickets. Is it legal?

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25 feet from stop sign tickets. Is it legal?

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DC legal gurus, is it legally permissible for the city to place parking signs which indicate it is OK to park less than 25 feet from a stop sign despite such signs being in direct contradiction of the law?

In DC, it’s a violation ($50) if you park within 25 ft of stop sign, [18 DCMR § 2405.2(d)]… and the city has been cleaning up for years with inconsistent signage:



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I’m no legal guru but I’m pretty sure that the rule is you can’t park within 25 feet of a stop sign unless otherwise permitted by signage or a traffic control officer. So in the link you posted, photo 3 is fine, photo 1 in not fine. I don’t think there’s anything inconsistent here, it’s just part common sense and part knowing the rules.

I got hit with one of these, and the law specifies “approach side” as apparently overriding the 25 foot mandate. I was parked on a one way, on the left side of the street, about 23 feet away but well behind the zoned parking sign directly across the street, and got nailed for it, even though the parking authority put down the WRONG DL# AND WRONG side of the street.

I wouldn’t even risk it again, then again, I moved to Virginia for a reason(s) with this being one of many.


+1 on gdopplerxt’s post. It’s also illegal to drive over 25 mph when there’s no sign. Does that mean 45mph speed limits signs are contradictory and illegal? How does your world work?

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