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Public Safety December 21, 2015 at 9:38 pm

Bloody Attack on Metro (Union Station/NoMa)

While riding home from work today (5:15 pm or so) I entered the first car on the red line train at Union Station. As soon as I got on I noticed the large group of youths by the door seemed especially wound-up so I moved to the front of the train to put some distance between us. Sure enough not long after we pulled away two of them egged each other on to attack a passenger. They yelled at a guy to give them his bag and then just starting wailing on him. The poor guy never resisted or fought back, which I think was a good thing. There were only four of five of us at least on my side of the group and I felt so helpless. I knocked on the driver’s door and yelled through the door crack to stop the train at NoMA and call the police. The guy got up to move away at one point and another kid threw a punch that knocked him out for a few minutes. He eventually got up and came down to us at the front of the train while the kids carried on. The driver kept the doors locked for a little while which freaked the kids out and they moved between trains trying to get away. The cops grabbed some kids getting off eventually but I don’t think it was the right ones. Hopefully they give up who their friends were. The paramedics told us the guy had a broken jaw. He also had no memory of the event and kept asking us what happened.

His head was all bruised and his face was swollen beyond recognition and we were wiping away the blood from his mouth. All on our ride home, out of nowhere.

Know how to get the driver’s attention on a train and stay clear of the rowdy groups of kids. I thought metro could have done a better job shutting down the station, also. I am pretty sure the assailants got away on a train going the other direction.

Announcements December 27, 2014 at 7:03 pm

Mayor-Elect Bowser’s Letter To Petworth Addressing Recent Surge In Violence

Dear Petworth,

The violence of the last few days is unacceptable – no resident should expect to live in fear in Washington, DC.

I am monitoring the situation closely and am in constant contact with Chief Lanier and Commander Manlapaz, who oversee the 4th District.

This evening, the Chief concluded the evening and committed to roll call in Ward 4, and additional foot patrols in the Ward– with a focus on well-known hot spots. Additional resources have been deployed since Christmas Eve and there are more to come.

Tonight, I will tour the Ward with the Commander to ensure deployment of resources.
On Monday, the Chief and her team will provide a full briefing to me from the MPD headquarters, where I will review their immediate action plan to stop violence before it starts.

As always, please be mindful of your surroundings and if you see something, say something.


Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser
(202) 491-4842

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