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Public Safety December 23, 2016 at 6:03 pm

Package Theft: 5th and Aspen, Takoma, DC

Individual recorded stealing three packages from our front steps at 4:07 PM, roughly 15 minutes after a UPS delivery. Report filed with MPD. Anyone with information or an ID, please contact Officer Phillippe Slater.


Public Safety August 24, 2016 at 12:30 pm

Theft in Progress, No DCPD Response

I would like to share my recent encounter (or lack thereof) with the DCPD to see if others have experienced the same lack of response to a crime in progress.

On Friday, after having lunch with a friend in Dupont Circle, I decided to finish the workday at the Starbucks in said Circle. Upon entering the store, I spotted a single vacant table and immediately placed my backpack on the chair to reserve it while I ordered my drink. When I returned less than five minutes later my backpack was gone. I asked the adjacent table if they had seen who took the bag and they were able to tell me on which street the thief had fled. I followed their limited directions and was about to concede when I spotted a man wearing my distinctive backpack walking down New Hampshire Avenue. I didn’t approach the man – not so much out of fear – but because I didn’t want him to run and disappear with my property. I instead called 911 and thus, my disappointment began.

The dispatcher, though polite, sounded surprised when I told her that I was in hot pursuit. As I followed at an inconspicuous distance, I updated the her on the thief’s location every few seconds; she assured me that a unit was on the way. About 10 minutes into the call we reached 14th and P, where the man entered the bus bay heading South. There were no police anywhere in sight. The bus came, the man boarded, and against the dispatcher’s advice I followed him onto the bus. She told me that the call had been transferred to Metro PD and they would stop the bus and apprehend him.

Five minutes later we arrived at K St where the man disembarked and walked to another bus bay heading East. At some point during the 10 minutes we were stopped at this location the dispatcher told me that an officer was on the scene. The officer never arrived. The thief boarded a Circulator bus but this time I did not follow; I hailed a nearby taxi and asked it to follow the bus.

While in the taxi, the dispatcher told me that she was transferring me to her supervisor. I asked the supervisor to tell me the location of the dispatched unit, which she could not. She explained that because I had crossed district lines she had to transfer the call to another unit. She further explained that it was difficult for officers to locate me because I was moving. She advised that I flag down any officer that I happened across during my pursuit across the city.

About 7 minutes later the man exited the bus and I exited the taxi at 5th and Mass. I followed him for about 5 minutes to an apartment building at New Jersey Avenue, where he disappeared inside. If you’ve been counting, I had been on the call with 911 for approximately 37 minutes. The supervisor offered an officer to come to the scene and take a report. Thus ended the call. The officer never came.

Is it DCPD policy to ignore thefts, even when they’re in progress? Or is DCPD simply incompetent? The conspiracy theorist in me wonders if this is a ploy to build demand for police services. At the very least, I’ve learned that no one will speak up when they witness your property being stolen at a coffee shop. How sad.

Happy ending: I ended up getting my bag back because the thief saw me in front of the building, got scared, and sent his mother to return the bag to me.

Public Safety August 15, 2016 at 10:25 pm

Scooter Stolen, Glover Park. Red Genuine Buddy 50cc

STOLEN!! DC friends keep an eye out for my scooter 🙁 It was stolen in Glover Park. It’s a red Genuine Buddy 2014 50cc with a red and black rear storage case.
$200 reward for information leading to its safe return! It’s not an expensive scooter, but it’s worth a lot to me.

License plate number is MR 6410 or MR 7434 (it had the old tags in the seat).

It also has a light grey cover that says PRIMA on it.
Please share this with friends in DC! Snap a picture or call the police if you see it.
VIN# RFVPAP5A2E1114126

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Public Safety May 18, 2016 at 6:47 pm

Stolen Bike from DuPont

hey y’all, I had a custom bike – black frame, pink accents (crank, handle, seat), gold wheels and gold pedals. pretty unique looking as you can imagine. but, it was nabbed from a Dupont bike rack today around 4pm, I’m guessing my lock didn’t really do the trick. if anyone sees it or finds it, just lemme know here – I got notifications set up.

Public Safety September 9, 2015 at 11:17 am

Labor Day Auto Theft

Recent smash and grab incident on Randolph Street NE in the Eckington area.

My girlfriend and I were attending a friends barbecue for Labor Day. Within three hours, someone smashed my rear car window and stole my girlfriends travel bag. The bag itself was expensive, as well as the clothing and accessories. We were parked on the same street as the house, unfortunately no one saw anything and we went through the standard police report and insurance claim process.

If anyone finds a shiny pink Tumi bag with items in it, please report back. We even checked some nearby dumpsters. Guessing since they did not find any electronics it may have been dumped somewhere close.

PoPville February 3, 2015 at 8:29 am

Stolen Honda Ruckus

Last Thursday night 1/29/15 a black Honda Ruckus was stolen from 14th and Corcoran St. The bike was chained with the highest grade of Kryptonite motorcycle chain (NYC bike lock). Cut links of the lock were left on the ground. Their seems to be a well equipped thief with a diamond blade saw running around. If you happen to see a new black Honda Ruckus scooter in your neighborhood, please reach out.

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Public Safety November 20, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Car Break-in on 11th and U

Hey Folks –

Just wondering if anyone has noticed increased car break-ins in the area? I have some video footage from the cameras that were on the house my car was parked in front of, and I’m wondering if it might be helpful. Around 2am on 11/14 my window was smashed and my computer was stolen (I know, I know, it shouldn’t have been in there, but I will say, it was NOT visible.. on the floor under a pile of gradebooks. Lucky thief). Any leads would be appreciated.


Public Safety September 26, 2014 at 9:38 am

Burglary in Mt. Pleasant

On the afternoon of Thursday, 9/25 two guys broke into our home through our front window. Our neighbor saw them walking up our front steps and loitering on our porch. She called me, I remotely turned on our alarm system, and she called the police. They had about 4 minutes in the house during the phone call and me figuring out how to turn on our alarm. Once the alarm triggered, they left.

In those few minutes they took three iPads, an expensive watch, a baby monitor, and some money.

They entered through a cracked and locked front window. The lock is a plastic latch which they broke.

My neighbor videoed them and I was able to extract a close up of their faces from the video – police have both.

If you see these two, contact police.

General Discussion July 18, 2013 at 7:23 pm

Soviet Safeway Dupont Shoplifting and Cohort Employees

I went to Safeway today at around 5pm to find a neighborhood friend completely flabbergasted. Apparently she watched a Safeway employee talk to several men outside who generally hang out. The employee went back inside and basically turned an eye as his “friends” made off with hands full of items.

My friend witnessed this and was completely outraged that so many employees did absolutely nothing, and that one of the Safeway employees knew and possibly aided in this ransack.

My friend talked to several employees who basically said that they can’t do anything- they aren’t security and past attempts to have security were apparently balked by customers. So now they just let this happen on a seemingly regular basis.

I’m left to think that we are the ones who are paying in increased prices for this kind of theft. If the entire staff is complacent is it stupid to call the cops to investigate?

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