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Public Safety May 10, 2015 at 10:05 am

Intruder in my backyard w/ Munchies (Mother's Day Edition)

These guys waited to the very last moment to look for their mother’s day gift!

If you haven’t read my 2 prior posts; this is the third intrusion attempt in the last 30 days. All of these attempts are in my backyard which is accessible from the North 1800 Newton ST NW alley. This recent attempt happened 2:47am this morning. What you can’t see is that I planted a junk bike right in front of my backyard camera. The bike I planted was left by the thief who stole our Jamis bike back in June 2014, you can find that post below as well.

These guys don’t look entirely prepared as their are finishing their late night snack. It’s also hard to tell if they leave because they notice the camera, or because the bike is a not worth stealing. What I can tell is that this is NOT the same guy that came by twice already. You can also tell that their hopping the fence leaves me pretty vulnerable (not that there is anything in my backyard with value).

Aside from a taller fence or white house fence spikes, are we all just sitting ducks? What can we do to prevent this activity?

I’m forwarding this to the police for their database of people to look out for.

– Ben

Coming 2:47am 5/10/2015

Going 2:48am 5/10/2015

Garage 2:47am 5/10/2015

Prior Attempts / Posts:
Monday April 27th 9:28pm

Saturday April 11st, 3:03AM

June 22rd, 2014, 9:02pm

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