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Public Safety May 4, 2015 at 2:38 pm

Takoma Package Thievery

First, by way of introduction: my fiancee and I have lived in Takoma since August, 2014, and have had an overwhelmingly pleasant experience here so far. Our street is quiet, with older houses that are all set back from the curbs, nearly all of them having porches and driveways. Our house is the exception; it’s a 1963 colonial with uncovered steps in the front — very visible from the street, and where packages are commonly delivered. Some carriers also use the side steps, off the driveway, which is marginally harder to see.

We have had three theft (and one near-theft) experiences thus far:

1) (Roughly December 2014) My GPS was taken from my car, while it was in my driveway. I largely blame myself for leaving the car unlocked; I plead having been lulled into a tenuous sense of security by the exceptional friendliness and graciousness of our new neighbors.

2) (February 2015) A package was stolen from our front steps as part of what we learned was a street- or neighborhood-wide sweep of houses by a “short Latino male”, according to the police, who had subsequently been caught with a large number of packages in his car. The police returned all of the packages to their respective owners, and the thieving Latino gentleman was arrested…and later failed to appear for his court appearance.

3) (April 2015) At about 11:00 PM one night, my fiancee saw a “kid” riding his bike up and down the street, and at one point stopping to try to open the door of our neighbor’s car. He vanished just after she called the police.

4) (May 2, 2015) Sometime between noon and about 8:00 PM, someone stole a package from our front steps; an extremely kind couple stopped by yesterday to deliver it — they told me that they had seen someone throw it out of a car window. Thankfully, the shoes my fiancee had bought had not fit the as-yet-unidentified model citizen who’d taken them.

The common thread, of course, is “front steps;” we will do what we can to request that USPS and UPS deliver things to a less-visible location.

Hope that this hasn’t been excessive detail; I hope that this information is useful to anyone in our area…

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