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Real Estate March 13, 2017 at 6:54 pm

Tenant signed contract but not moving in

Dear Popville,

I’m a first time landlord and a tenant has recently signed a lease for my house and made a security deposit (which I deposited in my bank account and cleared). However, she has gone MIA ever since and she never moved in. I have called, texted, e-mail and left her several voice message but she doesn’t respond.

What do I do in this situation? Given this type of behavior, I don’t think she would even be suitable to be a tenant. Under the contract, I included the Waiver of notice to quit in the event of non-payment of rent. What do I have to do to void the contract in this case since I don’t even know how to get in contact with her?

Travel and Transportation September 13, 2016 at 10:53 am

Black Suburban wanted for Television Show

DC production company looking for a Black Suburban vehicle to use in an episode for a Discovery Channel show!

Paid gig!

Vehicle must be drivable, and have registration. We’re looking for a 2014 model, but anything close will work. No damage will be done to the car during shooting.

If the vehicle has tinted windows, and a black interior, that is a plus! Not necessary however!

Shooting dates are 10/3/16 – 10/7/16, but the car will not be needed every day.

Please email [email protected] if interested, and include photos of your vehicle (exterior and interior) and your availability during the week of 10/3/16 – 10/7/16.

If you know someone who has a car that meets this description, please share!

Thank you 🙂

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Real Estate April 25, 2016 at 9:34 pm

Property manager didn't give landlord notice, keeping our deposit

Trying to find out what my rights are as the tenant and what my landlord could do on his side.

Basically, I sent my 30 days notice to the property manager, which he acknowledged. He asked me to tell him when he could do the move-out inspection and I emailed asking if it had to be a weekday or could be a weekend and also asking that they give me notice before showing the apartment since I have a dog (even offered to help show it so the owner didn’t have to come down from NY). No response. I email a week later asking again and offering a few dates that work. Still no response. I finally email again on the 7th of the new month asking when they can do it so i can get my deposit back and they schedule for the next morning.

Fast forward EXACTLY 45 days to last friday (when they need to return the deposit by law) and I get an email saying that because I didn’t “turn in my keys” until the 8th, they’re keeping a week of rent. Now, I probably should have attempted again to schedule the inspection before the first but I did make two attempts to schedule with no response from them. When I mentioned this, the property manager said he understood my frustration but that I had not tried to contact anyone else at his company, so I was out of luck. He is my only point of contact and I only knew his information because after trying to email our original manager and the email bounced back; and a call to the office revealed that he had left the company and no one had told us who our new manager was.

So I reach out to the owner and it turns out that they didn’t tell him that we were moving out until the 8th when they did the inspection! He lost a month’s rent (maybe more?) because he thought I would notify him directly and the manager didn’t say anything to him. So now, not only is there financial loss, but I’ve lost the great relationship I’d built with my landlord and can never use him as a reference.

It gets even more shady though – making small talk with the manager when he came to do the inspection, I asked if the landlord had decided to redo the floors and not rent it out right away (and hence why they hadn’t shown the apartment at all during the last month). He replied that he thought the owner was still “deciding what to do with the property” but that he was “sad to hear we were leaving”. So he made it sound to me like he had already talked to him and told him we were leaving.

Finally, I got a letter from them today postmarked the 23rd with the “itemization of security deposit” forms, the box checked to indicate the check was enclosed – with no check. So they’ve now blown past the 45 day requirement to give me my money back.

Are they super shady our just super incompetent? Do I/my landlord have any legal recourse against them for the money? Do I take the loss and try and salvage the relationship with my former landlord?

Home and Garden February 23, 2016 at 10:22 am

Would duct work in my basement prevent me from legally renting out the space?

I have a basement that I am interested in renting out but the basement has a decent amount of duct work that that brings the ceiling space below the needed 7ft. Would this preclude me from renting the basement as a living space?

More details:

– I don’t have the money to install separate electrical panels so I will likely be renting the space as a room in a single family home.
– I am interested in adding a front door to the basement, which would make for a total of two exits in addition to the interior stairwell.
– In the event that I add the front door I may also add a window near the front door.

Real Estate August 14, 2015 at 4:07 pm

Price My Rental!

My partner and I are looking to rent our home’s basement apartment in Columbia Heights and we want to know what a fair asking price would be. We’re in the process of obtaining a legal CofO, but do not anticipate any difficulties (everything is to code). More about it:

newly redone (fresh paint, tiles, windows, new appliances)
has washer/dryer
has basic kitchen (no super-fancy appliances to account for)
decent natural light on both the front and rear
spans the full length and width of the house, so it’s pretty enormous
about one block to the metro
not much outdoor space

How much would you be willing to pay for this setup?


Home and Garden January 18, 2015 at 11:13 am

My landlord is a hoarder, so we're dealing with roaches

Hey forum,
Wondering if anyone has experience with something like this. My BF and I have been renting the first floor of a duplex on capitol hill since Sept. The landlady owns the house but lives in a different part of town. She’s only been renting the whole place out for a couple of years.

I love everything about the place except for the roaches. Big mofos. She is an admitted hoarder and all of her belongings are stored in the basement. It is roach breeding heaven, and they make it up to our apt despite efforts to keep our place clean and unattractive to roaches. The previous tenant in the apartment said that she saw them all the time but never said anything to the landlady. (She didn’t want to make a stink about it because she was getting a good deal.) Our upstairs neighbors see them less frequently but don’t really care. We share the basement to do laundry.

I reported them to the landlady and she acted as if this was the first she’d ever seen or heard of them. An exterminator came and we haven’t seen them in our apt since, although they are more dormant in winter months. Now I’m seeing them in the basement again, and speculate that anything we do, including exterminators, will be like a bandaid on a gunshot wound until she empties or cleans the basement.

I love the apt and don’t want to move…Do i have any recourse as a tenant to get her to do something about the condition of the basement?

Real Estate December 30, 2014 at 9:32 am

Seeking Landlord Insurance

Does anyone have an insurance agent who can provide landlord insurance on a rental condo? All companies I have talked to require me to change the insurance of my primary residence, which is not an option right now. I am looking for an insurance provider that will offer a landlord policy as a standalone policy, not linked to my primary residence. Any suggestions?? Thanks!

Real Estate May 14, 2014 at 2:44 pm

Agent Recommendations – Multi-Unit Properties

I’m looking to buy my first place and wanted to see if anyone had good recommendations for agents. Specifically, I’m looking for an agent that knows DC very well – especially the neighborhoods of Shaw, Truxton Circle, and H St/Trindad – as I’m looking primarily in zip codes 20001 and 20002.

I’m targeting multi-unit properties (anywhere from 2-4 units) and am looking for a value buy. I’d like to purchase something that is in livable shape, but it does not need to be pretty or anywhere near turnkey condition. The plan would be to live in one of the units and rent out the others to reduce mortgage costs and expenses, and perform much of the maintenance and upgrading of the units myself.

Anyone have recommendations on agents that have experience with those types of properties? Or have general advice on this approach? If anyone reading has done a similar process on their own, I’d be very interested in connecting to hear more about your experience.

Thanks in advance!

Other April 28, 2014 at 4:54 pm

Wheelchair or walker rental?

In a few weeks I’ll be hosting some family, including a grandparent with limited mobility who will probably need a wheelchair or walker to get around DC. I don’t really have the storage space to buy one and keep it at home (and honestly don’t think I’ll need to use it again). Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can rent or borrow one within the District?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Real Estate March 31, 2014 at 4:09 pm

Rental application identity theft concern – what can we do?

Filled out a rental application with a lot of PII, then owner says they “went with another applicant.” The timing makes everything seem very fishy and now we’re concerned with identity theft. Is there anything we can/should be doing? More information below:

Found a rental on craiglist and met with the owner last week. We indicated that we wanted to take the place and they agreed to stop showing it to other people. The following day they sent along the rental application and the lease. We asked if we could provide pay stubs, our current landlord’s reference, and bank account statements in lieu of the full application. They did not respond for three days. We called on Saturday to ask what was going on and they indicated that we should fill out the full application and things could move forward. Sent the application this morning (Monday) and immediately received an email saying they “went with another applicant.” SO called them this afternoon, but the call was sent to voice mail.

We had a walk through of the unit, we verified their employment, and did other bits of Google stalking that led us to believe they were legitimate. Our take home pay is over 400% of the monthly rent, we have no debt, and we have a good relationship with our current landlord, so we can’t imagine they’d have a problem with the application. Can the Office of the Tenant Advocate help? Should we file a police report? Would love any advice.

Real Estate February 24, 2014 at 9:50 am

Owner re-occupying my apartment — when does the 90 day clock start?

Hey folks, I have what I think is a quick question. The owner of my unit who I am renting from has sold the unit. The new owner is going to move in themselves, so they are giving me 90 days notice to vacate. (I’ve already waived my right of first refusal, we don’t want to buy the place ourselves.)

My question is, when does that 90 day clock start? When the sale closes and is final, or some time before? The new owner has said I have until May 31 to leave, but he doesn’t expect the sale to close until March 31, which would seem to indicate I have until the end of June, not end of May, for my 90 days.

So, when does the clock start on this? Thanks!

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