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Art December 1, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Want a cool transom window?

I’m a glass artist and made a transom window for a client in Baltimore. In doing the project, I made an extra window.

If your address is 1631, this could be the perfect transom for you, and you get a good deal on it!

The window is 30 1/8″ x 15″. There is a low relief pattern with raised numbers 1631. The piece is not a traditional stained glass piece, but relief cast window glass.

I have not added colors yet, so you can choose from a select enamel palette.

$700 (with color)
As-Is for $600

my studio address is
3708 Otis Street
Mount Rainier, MD.

Alternatively, if anyone is interested in this type of work for their own, non 1631 numbered home, let’s talk.

Sean Hennessey
[email protected]

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