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General Discussion May 4, 2016 at 4:36 pm

What to do when a neighbor destroys your property and refuses to fix it?

My neighbor across the alley knocked over my fence with a bulldozer in JANUARY. He owns and was working on another neighbor’s house who is adding onto the current structure with a pop up and an edition in the back. I’ve tried many ways of contacting Kenley since January and have been completely ignored (calls, emails, even snail mail). I would knock on the front door, but I don’t really feel like being mauled by his angry dog. The dog usually wants to rip out my throat when I pass by the poor thing when it’s left outside for days on end.
I contacted DCRA and that yielded zero help. I asked help from my neighborhood association and for some helpful hints from his former neighbor. I contacted the owner of the construction site (aka the giant house owner) and that hasn’t helped either. I just learned that the owner had kicked him off of the construction project.
Knocking down my fence leaves a gaping hole into my backyard and also my next door neighbor’s backyard. Right after Kenley knocked over my fence, the blizzard happened and he plowed all of the alley’s snow and left a 10+ foot mound right behind my newly broken fence. Btw, giant mounds of snow take a long time to melt and left the car in my backyard trapped for weeks.
A few years ago, a poor guy was robbed and forced to do some unwanted acts in the alley behind our homes. I don’t feel comfortable with that, but I also don’t think I should be the one paying to fix the fence that Kenley destroyed.
I would like to avoid legal action, but I will probably have to go to court. Is the bulldozer yielding neighbor only at fault or is the property owner where the work was done also at fault?

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