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Public Safety February 15, 2013 at 11:47 am

How do I submit a request/complaint about a dangerous crosswalk?

I’m hoping someone can help me out. I live on a very busy street in NW where there is a dangerous crosswalk at an intersection without stop lights, with signs that clearly state the pedestrian has the right of way, etc.

My neighbors and residents nearby are concerned about the lack of safety in this crosswalk. (SHOCKING – cars don’t stop for pedestrians!) Despite the fact that there is a police station down the street from this crosswalk, there is no one enforcing that cars stop when pedestrians are attempting to cross the street.
It’s incredibly frustrating as a pedestrian that no matter the time of day, no cars will stop for you, even if you’re in the middle of crossing the road. Personally, I’ve almost been struck by a car multiple times just trying to get my darn dry cleaning. I want to file a request to the police to start sitting by this crosswalk (or just to submit a complaint about how no cars comply with this and that the crosswalk is unsafe) or even to submit a request asking for blinking lights to be set up around this crosswalk.

I know likely nothing will come from this and police have crimes to deal with, but I’ve been frustrated for two years with the danger of simply crossing the street LEGALLY. I’d really appreciate if someone would point out the appropriate person, email, or service to express this to.

Thanks for your help, guys! 🙂

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