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Public Safety February 26, 2014 at 9:54 am

Crossing for visually impaired street sign?

Hello all,
I live near a pretty busy intersection in Columbia Heights. While most surrounding intersections are equipped with crosswalk signals, this one is set up as a 4-way stop. Not surprisingly, drivers often blast through the stop and it is a rather precarious area for crossing pedestrians as a result.
The other day, I was approaching the intersection when I noticed a visually impaired gentleman attempting to cross the road. Despite that he was clearly impaired, cars continued to hastily pass through the intersection, making him apprehensive to proceed. I helped him to cross, and have actually seen him a few times since, and I believe he lives just a few houses down from the crossing in question. So my question is, who can I contact about having a “blind pedestrian crossing” sign or something of that nature installed at the intersection? Any leads would be greatly appreciated!


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