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Public Safety April 11, 2013 at 2:19 pm

Is It Legal to Keep Birds in DC? (Please say no)

Dear PoPville,
My neighbor keeps exotic birds in a henhouse type situation in his background (about 40 ft from the carriage house where I live).  This would be fine, I have nothing against birds, except that their droppings attract flies and the water he leaves out for them makes the mosquitoes in the summer UNBEARABLE.  We have a yard but have never been able to use it in the summer for this very reason, and I’m already dreading this summer yielding the same results.
Does anyone have experience with calling the city about something like this?  Anyone know what the laws are in terms of owning birds in the city? 
Surrounded By Birds

Other March 11, 2013 at 4:03 pm

Any suggestions as to where I can get a new, modern iron railing for my front porch?

I’m looking for a simple black railing for my front porch and stairs. There are a few houses around town with very slick looking railings. Curious which company is best to go with.

PoPville December 19, 2012 at 9:26 am

Sweet Cat with a Jingle Bell Collar found in Bloomingdale

There is a black cat with a sweet disposition and Christmas bell on his(?) collar that has been hanging around Seaton Place NW & North Capitol for several days.

I should say, I’m not a cat person at all, they make me sneeze and I wish they would stay inside for the sake of songbirds, but this guy has won me over.  He is beyond sweet and purrs excessively when I pet him even though I have to do it through a dishtowel (so my hands don’t itch).  He is very clean and is obviously used to being inside (he wants to come in each night) and the jingle bell is attached to a rather nice “Safety Collar.” 

A neighbor posted a picture of him on Twitter on the #BloomingdaleDC hashtag which I have attached.  He is all black with a small little bald patch on his head.  No one has responded to the Tweets yet, so I thought I would reach out.  He is currently sleeping buried in a ratty old sweater of mine I left next to our door, keep hoping he finds his way home, but he has been reappearing every night.  Would love to reunite him with his family as we go into the holiday weekend.  I guess he has me feeling sentimental.

General Discussion August 13, 2012 at 9:03 am

Car-free or not?

Y’all have helped me with some great advice so I thought I’d ask about my recent dilemma:
Should I go car free?  Here is some background info:
1.  I am currently registered in Md. so I will need to do the whole change over to DC to get parking permits.
2.  I live right near a metro stop and multiple bus lines.
3.  I walk everywhere (not a biker though) but dread the cold so I’m not sure what will happen come winter.
4.  I hate my car but I just put in a lot of money for brake work but it still needs a bit more.
5.  Not sure where to sell my car, how much to ask.  Just want some money but not a ton since I just want to sell it “as is”.
6.  I’ve always had a car and I have family about 3 hrs. away including a mom with some health issues so I like to have ready access to visit if needed.  Do car free people rent/borrow/hitch for longer distances?  It’s not in an area with public transit ):
I am so torn but at the same time the thought of not having to deal with my car seems like such a lovely idea (:
Thanks again for any and all advice!

Home and Garden August 3, 2012 at 11:17 am

Sewage/Storm Water Clean Up

Has anyone worked with a reliable company that can clean up after a sewage back up  and that can respond fairly quickly during an emergency? Looking for recommendations. 

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