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Neighborhood News June 2, 2015 at 4:29 pm

12 O'Clock Boys? Someone is setting off my car alarm at midnight 2 x wkly..

..and it is driving me crazy!
They don’t steal anything – I run outside ( if awake ) and there is no one there, of course.
Last night – you won’t believe – I heard a key open / then close the lock to my iron gate at the front door – then no one came in. Yes I have roommates, but they were already in bed at 830. I asked them this morning. it was exactly at midnight. I know it is them. I think they just want me to submit to their presence – and that they can do whatever they want – as they apparently have my house key. I know I sound crazy, but no mental problem, no drugs, no drink.
Any one else having this trouble near 12/U?

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