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Announcements April 7, 2014 at 10:22 am

Bulk Purchase: Clean Energy for Your Petworth/DC Home

Green Neighbors is partnering with DC non-profit Groundswell to invite our neighbors in Petworth, Park View and Brightwood to join a clean energy group purchase.

Between now and April 16, anyone who pays an electric utility bill in Maryland or DC can add their name to Groundswell’s clean energy group purchase. By adding your name to the group, you help strengthen Groundswell’s ability to negotiate affordable prices for clean energy for homes and apartments.

Here’s how it works:

1) You indicate interest in affordable clean energy before April 16, by filling out this form

2) Groundswell negotiates with Energy Suppliers on your behalf

3) You Decide – Groundswell will contact you with the winning offer and at that time, you can decide to enroll your home or apartment.

If you live in Petworth, Park View or Brightwood, be sure to choose “Green Neighbors” from the drop-down menu on the form, so that we can receive a donation to be used for green projects in our neighborhoods. If you live in other neighborhoods you can simply choose “Groundswell” or “other.”

Groundswell is a DC based nonprofit that works with diverse communities to reduce the price of clean energy for homes and organizations. For additional information, contact Michael Reed at [email protected] or 240-342-6193. You can also see FAQs about the program here.

Green Neighbors is an all-volunteer group of residents of the Petworth, Park View and Brightwood neighborhoods of Washington, DC. We are working to reduce our neighborhoods’ carbon emissions while making sustainable resources more accessible to everyone. For more information: [email protected].

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