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Announcements August 12, 2013 at 10:43 pm

Lost Dog: 15lb red & white mini-husky, please help!!

Sorry for the spam, looking to get as many eyes on this as possible.

My dog has been lost since early July in DC. He is 15lbs, red (light brown) and white coat, one blue eye, one part blue and part amber eye, looks like a mini siberian husky or a fox. He ran out of my friend’s place in NE DC and has been spotted near Catholic University, the Brookland/ CUA metro, and most recently back in the neighborhood where he was lost, near Webster St. NE and 1st St. NE. However, there have been no reported sightings in 3 weeks, and we need your help. We are NOT giving up!! It is possible that someone has taken him in by this point and he could be anywhere. If you see any dog matching this description, even if with someone, PLEASE:

1) Do not chase or approach or call out to him! He is very skittish and will likely bolt. We want him to feel safe and stay put.

2) Call 202-681-1231 IMMEDIATELY. I do not care what time it is.

3) Keep your eyes on him and PLEASE follow him until I get there!! I will compensate you for your efforts. Remember as many details as possible (how did he look? was he injured? with someone? who? which way was he going precisely?) and please take a picture of him.

Substantial reward offered for information leading to his safe return. More information at Please like and share liberally!

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