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Business January 20, 2016 at 1:35 pm

WALMART Backs out of DC deal in poorest neighborhoods

No one on here seems to be talking about Walmart’s decision to back out of its deal to build 2 more stores in DC. I do not support Walmart as a consumer, but what upsets me is that DC made big decisions based on Walmart coming to NE and SE DC. The city closed businesses and razed buildings all for nothing. People lost their jobs and were hoping to get back in their feet when the Walmart arrived. Now that’s not happening. It’s a very sad situation for those low wage workers and for SE DC’s business development prospects.

See article here from WaPo:

Governement and Politics July 22, 2015 at 5:35 pm

Fighting NIMBYism

I went to a civic association meeting last night, and it seemed like everybody there was universally opposed any dense development for fear that it’ll block people’s sunlight and/or increase traffic for residents (who apparently drive around their own neighborhood for some reason?). Simultaneously, they lament when businesses close because of high rent and lack of customers.

I believe dense development, if executed responsibly, is the key to getting people out of their cars, lowering real estate costs, and increasing customer- (and tax-) bases. The opposition is irrational and vitriolic. My wife and I want to be civically engaged, but I don’t think we want to make a habit of arguing with roomfulls of people that just aren’t going to get it.

Is there any organized force against the NIMBYism? Should we go it alone and just write dissents to our ANC, CM, and the zoning board? Is this an especially effective strategy? It’s a shame, because it’s easy to sit back and let the developers take on the fight themselves, but it seems like their buildings are constantly being trimmed down and scaled back because of community opposition, and we probably only have one chance to rebuild these neighborhoods!

I’m specifically talking about the Edgewood/Brentwood/Brookland/Langdon area, where there’s a lot of development activity, but I’d be happy to join a District-wide urbanism effort as well.

Neighborhood News October 2, 2014 at 4:56 pm

Anyone know of anything developing at Monroe and 18th NE?

There is a small commercial zone there with only a few businesses and the bunch of vacant storefronts. Seems like it could a be nice spot sort of like where Upshur in Petworth is heading in a few years. Anyone of any rumors?

Announcements October 2, 2014 at 3:32 am

Big Changes Coming to Rhode Island Avenue NE & 14th Street NE

It looks like Brookland Manor may be nearing its last days. I ran across this article about a proposed overhaul of the housing complex and shopping center located on Rhode Island Avenue NE & 14th Street NE. As a new homeowner in this neighborhood, I’m excited.

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General Discussion April 1, 2014 at 1:10 pm

Trader Joe's Coming to Rhode Island Ave NE?!

Eariler today the RIA blog posted that Trader Joe’s is planning to build a store across from Flip It and Public Option around the 1600 block of Rhode Island Avenue NE. If this is true I’m sooooo excited. I haven’t seen this on any other blogs though, so I was wondering if it was really true. Is this really happening? Is this an April Fool’s Day joke?

Real Estate January 16, 2014 at 1:18 am

To buy or not to buy in Trinidad?

I’m a prospective first-time buyer with a fairly limited budget by D.C. standards. At this point in my search, I’ve turned up a few leads in Trinidad that are within my budget and that are renovated and nicely presented. My plan is to use a second (or third) bedroom to generate some rental income to help offset costs.

My gut check tells me that the neighborhood is only getting better, that the new Whole Foods and streetcar will add to the area’s appeal and that buying relatively cheap now will probably mean a decent return on investment in 5-10 years. I also like what I’ve seen of the neighborhood in general; it seems like it has a good community vibe. I go to NoMa and Union Market frequently, as well as H Street, and those areas are no sweat.

The only thing really keeping me out of Trinidad is, fairly or unfairly: Trinidad. I know that it’s not nearly as bad now as it used to be, but I’m still a little skittish. Then again, I have a feeling that I might look back in a few years and kick myself for not buying there. I’ve been in D.C. for a while now but not long enough to have been able to buy in any neighborhood when it was still on the way up.

So, what say you, PoPville? Is it worth getting a nice-priced property with rental potential in a neighborhood that’s still developing and overcoming its, well, reputation?

Neighborhood News January 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm

Empty lot at Florida Ave and North Capitol St.???

Anyone know anything about the empty lot at Florida Ave and North Capitol St.?

I checked the DC zoning map, and it looks like a planned unit development (PUD) was approved way back in 2009 for a mixed-use building (residential and retail). But, obviously nothing seems to have happened since then.

I moved to the neighborhood recently and just curious if anyone has information on it!

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