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Announcements December 14, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Local DC Designer Uses Crowdfunding & Craft to Grab Back

Local DC Designer Uses Crowdfunding & Craft to Grab Back

Washington, DC // December 13, 2016 — I’m a DC-based graphic designer and I’m crowdfunding a labor of love to raise money for the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). Through a Kickstarter campaign, I aim to fund the fabrication of a series of politically-charged enamel lapel pins and also make a large donation to the ACLU by donating the proceeds.

I’ve has been a designer in DC for 16 years and I’m part of a growing movement of progressive DC artists, makers, and designers who are mobilizing in the wake of the presidential election. I hope to engage Americans and especially Washingtonians in a show of solidarity against Trump.

Despite being upset by the election results, many of us don’t seem to know where to begin the fight against Trump’s hateful ideologies. I believe there are many paths to join the resistance, but I want to motivate people to contribute to progressive organizations that have real power. And I think getting a meaningful trinket in return is a nice way to inspire you to give!

One pin design includes the now ubiquitous safety pin, a symbol against the xenophobia surrounding Brexit. The other features a minimalist-inspired eye with “Weep the People” word play and dates of the next mid-term and presidential elections. The third is a bullhorn with “Vote” and the election dates.

Three enamel pin designs, Stop Hate, Weep the People, Vote

I allow that, despite my intent to donate 100% of the proceeds, this is not a wholly altruistic endeavor. I started work on this idea November 9th as a way to channel all my post-election rage into something constructive. It has been incredibly cathartic.

The project is currently 50% funded with a deadline of December 22, 2016. Order now and get your pins before Inauguration Day! Order for a friend and send them the pin holiday image on the site as an IOU gift!
View the Kickstarter page here:

Home and Garden November 13, 2015 at 2:15 pm

Need advice on kitchen project

Hi everyone!
We’ve just bought a new house, it’s really nice! But it’s almost empty and we need to furnish it completely. But first we are going to start with the kitchen as it’s a priority for us:) I don’t want to hire a designer as it’s additional charge. But it would be great to have a modern and cosy kitchen with no needless staff, just most important things.
So, I’ve made a project using free demo of online software for kitchen construction to have a visual design of my would-be kitchen When we finally decide about the furniture arrangement, colors and everything, we’ll try to find the similar furniture and wallpapers, but for now, I just want to share my kitchen project with you and have your comments.
All room measurements if needed, you can see in the program interface as well as you can move things there and show me the screenshot of something that you’ve changed in my project.

Thanks in advance!

General Discussion February 2, 2015 at 2:34 pm

Local Artist/Gallery Recommendations

I’m on the prowl for an original piece (painting, but open to other media) for a large wall in my living room. Stylistically, I’m not ultra modern but open beyond that. Anyone have any favorite artists or galleries they’d recommend checking out?

Home and Garden May 5, 2014 at 12:37 pm

Small space design – kitchen remodel


We are looking to remodel our tiny galley kitchen and want someone to come in, look at the space and tell us the best way to utilize it. We’re probably going to go with IKEA cabinets and drawers, but keep our old appliances and tile floor.

Has anyone worked with a designer that specializes in small spaces, or have any recommendations?


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