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Public Safety October 22, 2015 at 12:41 pm


MPDC reports another daylight robbery just before noon today near Lincoln Park:

Public Safety September 29, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Big police response at 8th St NE / A St NE last night followed by AM sketchines

This is a two part tale of some sketchiness that I witnessed over a 12 hour period on the Hill last night I’m hoping someone could give me some more information on the arrests that were made, but overall, I wanted to share the story.

Part 1: Last night around 9pm there were 6+ police cars (including one K9 unit) at the corner of 8th and A St NE. (The police response was so large on the corner that it was actually blocking traffic on 8th St.)

From what I could see, the cops had handcuffed two teenagers (maybe around 15 years old) and were questioning a third. At least two of the kids seemed to have been arrested (they left the scene in the back of a cop car).

Anyone know what happened or why those kids were arrested?

Part 2: This morning around 9am, I was walking on A St NE near where the arrest was made last night. I was near Beaver park (a small area of grass on the corner of 9th and A St NE), where I saw a 15 year old kid looking very nervous, walking toward the park. I recognized him right away. He was one of the kids from the arrest scene last night. I watched him as he ran across the park into the bushes that border a neighbor’s house/side yard. I followed him from a distance to see if he was just cutting through, or if he was entering my neighbor’s property. The kid entered my neighbor’s yard and searched around for about 30 seconds, then grabbed something, pulled up his hood, and sprinted away.

There was another person also watching this unfold, he was much closer to the “scene” and he was totally shocked by what he saw. He said that he thought he saw the kid grab a gun that was stashed in my neighbor’s bushes/flower bed.

This is a pretty unusual/bizarre scene for our neighborhood. Beaver park is an area where neighbors walk their dogs. Everyone kinda knows each other, and it’s relatively safe compared to the rest of DC. To see someone rummaging through my neighbor’s immaculate garden was unsettling in itself, but then to realize that it was a kid from last night who was basically returning to the scene of the crime was even more disturbing.

Overall, I’d just like to know what happened last night. What was the arrest all about? I haven’t been able to locate information anywhere.

Public Safety September 1, 2015 at 4:24 pm

Daytime Burglaries in SE Petworth

Our house was burglarized yesterday at 9:36 am. The intruders climbed through a small alley-facing window into our carport and then kicked in our basement door. They took a 50″ TV and a laptop. Luckily, our alarm was set and they did not enter the main part of the house.

The security company immediately called the police, who arrived 7 minutes after the alarm went off. The thieves were long gone, but the DC police who arrived were professional and very thorough – from the K9 unit to the responding officers to the crime scene officer who pulled prints. With all the negative press for law enforcement lately, I just wanted to highlight our positive (well, as positive as it could be given the circumstances) experience with DC Police.

Unfortunately, we learned we were the third daytime burglary in the past couple of months in our particular alley. Neighbors noticed a suspicious black sedan with 2 men parked in the alley outside our house. If you live on the alley bordered by Rock Creek Church/Shepherd/Illinois/4th St NW, be sure to secure your basement entry points. All the burglaries involved kicking in a basement door, prying open a small basement window, or taking a basement door off its hinges.

Events April 26, 2015 at 10:00 pm

Can we get the police to videotape the ATV/Dirt bike riders?

The ATV/dirt bike people were back out in force in Columbia Heights this weekend. Around 2-dozen vehicles rode north on 11th just before 7pm (and I called it in). A few minutes later, they were riding south on 14th. The police (per usual) did absolutely nothing. I understand that pursuit could make things more dangerous – I pulled over on 14th on my bicycle to avoid getting run over a few yards behind a police SUV with two officers sitting inside who probably couldn’t have done much.

I’d like to suggest that MPD give their officers some high quality cameras to tape the riders. If I had thought to pull out my phone, I could have easily captured most of their faces. Since they tend to ride in the same areas, it should be easy capture on camera. If the police come across the riders at a later date, they may be able to identify them and confiscate the vehicles.

Anyone have thoughts or suggestions on how to forward this idea to MPD/DC govt?

Public Safety February 28, 2015 at 3:40 pm

Package Theft 1100-1200 block of Euclid

Just a heads up that someone opened a bunch of packages on our front patio on Saturday afternoon, sometime between 11:30 and 2:00. The thief took the contents and left all the packages. They all belonged to either me or my upstairs neighbor, nothing from surrounding houses. Just wanted to let everyone know to be careful with their packages, since the thief opened all the packages right on our patio in broad daylight, and the officer that responded told us that there had been quite a few package thefts in the area lately. We unfortunately don’t have a camera on our porch, so don’t have a description of the individual.

Public Safety February 24, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Car tagged with graffiti- 1400 block of Harvard St. NW

Any other neighbors have this problem recently? I came out to my car this morning on the 1400 block of Harvard Street NW to find my car had been tagged.

I’ve reported it to the MPD online in case they keep track of this. Is there anything else I should do (aside from I already removing the graffiti, which came off eventually with a clay detailing kit)? Thanks!

Public Safety February 13, 2015 at 5:13 pm

How many DC teens carry guns?

Anyone know a good place to research statistics related to minors caught with firearms?

Events December 23, 2014 at 12:31 pm

Public safety bolo, there’s a maniac on the loose.

My car and myself were victims to a hit and run, in the area of Missouri and Georgia Ave NW. The vehicle was speeding, ran a stoplight, hit my car, and continued speeding onto Georgia in the direction of Takoma Park, MD. Particularly concerning is that it didn’t even slow down after it hit me and very obviously caused damage.

What to look for:
A large boxy black SUV with DC tags, either a Cadillac Escalade or a Chevy Suburban/Tahoe. Driven by a younger AA man with short hair. My car is light blue-grey color, so it should likely have damage including a scuff of paint of that color somewhere on the vehicle (I think on the passenger side).

One of my coworkers said they saw a vehicle/individual matching the description casing houses and cars in her neighborhood nearby, and I saw a similar report from a reader here on Popville.

The accident has already been reported to DC and MD police, however the case is cold without more information. Please contact me if you happen to have experienced something similar and have a tag number!!

Events December 15, 2014 at 11:41 am

A Suspicious SUV Casing Neighborhood Vehicles

I wanted to report some seemingly suspicious activity to the Popville community. I live on Kennedy Street NW, and the following took place on the 1300 block around 2:30 AM last Sunday.

Realizing I’d left my phone in my car, I went to retrieve it. I brought along my super-duper heavy-duty flashlight, as I typically do if I have to go out to my car late at night.
On the south side of Kennedy Street, next to the bus stop, was an idling black Cadillac Escalade, a gigantic SUV. Although I think it had DC plates, I didn’t observe closely enough to be certain, and I didn’t think much of it. I went to my car, retrieved my phone, and started back to my building. As I walked along the north side of Kennedy, this SUV started slowly moving along the cars on the south side of the street.

I looked at the driver as they drove past me; I couldn’t see anything beyond them likely being a male with closely-cropped hair, but they were definitely scrutinizing something as they drove down the street (cars? street addresses?). When I returned to my building’s front door, the vehicle did a u-turn and started down the other side of the street, again moving very slowly. There was parking to be had, so I assume they were not looking for parking. I observed from inside the lobby that the SUV then parked in the bus zone in front of my building, and idled there.

I went up to the building’s roof deck to observe them for a bit. After they sat there for a few minutes, I decided to shine my flashlight on their vehicle. They did not visibly react. Then I shone it on cars and the sidewalk around the vehicle, and on Colorado west of 14th Street (it’s a very powerful light; you can’t even look at it directly), and let it rest again on the SUV in a really deliberate, obvious way. While I can’t know for sure that they were reacting to me, the second time I let the beam linger on the SUV, it took off in a hurry, driving west to 16th Street NW at maybe 35-40 mph, and then drove north.

So, maybe it was suspicious, or maybe I was just being a bit paranoid, but it seemed hinky to me. Maybe it was nothing, or perhaps they were casing cars, looking for an address, or even waiting for an employee of an escort service. I’ll also note that somebody entered my car on this same street earlier this fall, and I don’t know exactly how they did so. They went through my glove compartment, and didn’t appear to steal anything. As they always say, don’t leave anything in your car! Be vigilant!


Public Safety November 20, 2014 at 12:02 pm

Car Break-in on 11th and U

Hey Folks –

Just wondering if anyone has noticed increased car break-ins in the area? I have some video footage from the cameras that were on the house my car was parked in front of, and I’m wondering if it might be helpful. Around 2am on 11/14 my window was smashed and my computer was stolen (I know, I know, it shouldn’t have been in there, but I will say, it was NOT visible.. on the floor under a pile of gradebooks. Lucky thief). Any leads would be appreciated.


Public Safety November 4, 2014 at 4:53 pm

Break in and Suspicious Activity in Petworth

Just want to make readers aware that there have been two break ins in the last two weeks on New Hampshire Ave by Grant Circle. On Thursday night my Fiance heard someone knocking at the front door around 12:15am she then heard them trying to kick in the back door. She called the cops, they came search the house and yard. Found nothing. She left and went to her sisters. At about 1am I got a call from the alarm company that the back door had be opened. Cops came and found someone had broken into the house and stole some items. The tried to break in one door, and that didn’t budge, the basement door they were able to break in through.

There were signs that someone was casing the house earlier in the week, late knocks on the door that we ignored, but shouldn’t have. We also had a package stolen earlier in the week and our neighbor mentioned that she saw a man and woman in our yard multiple times.

Today I found out from a neighbor across the street that on the night our house was broken into a woman knocked on his door around 1am, when he answered she said she had the wrong house, there was a man on the street with her. He thinks this could be the same people our other neighbor saw earlier in the week.

Public Safety October 1, 2014 at 6:14 pm

Woman (Me) Held Against Will in Taxi in Cleveland Park

I want to make DC aware of something terrifying that occurred to me on Friday evening, September 26th, around 10:30 pm, after taking a taxi home to Cleveland Park.

After repeated personal questions and inappropriate comments (eg “I like you,” “will you go on a date with me?”), the cab driver stopped in front of my building, looked me in the eyes, intensely, and told me I was locked inside his cab until I handed over “enough” cash. (He had not turned on the meter for the trip). I was trapped inside and scared, so I complied with his request to hand over cash.

I filed a police report with MPD immediately following the incident, I have consulted an attorney, and I plan to press charges.

I notified the DC taxicab commision of the incident, and I plan to do the same in Maryland- the cab had Maryland plates.

It is outrageous how difficult it can be for women to travel around this city safely.

Public Safety September 30, 2014 at 11:30 am

White Hyundai Elantra stolen in Bloomingdale

My car was stolen from T & North Capitol St. between 9:00 and 9:15 am today, Monday 9/29. Attached is a picture. It’s a 2007 white Hyundai Elantra, Maryland tags, license plate 2BM3690. Witnesses say they saw 2 black males enter it.

When last seen, it had an Oberlin College Alumni sticker at the top of the rear window, an NPR decal in the lower left of the rear window, an EZ Pass in the front window, and a yellow parking permit sticker that says “76” in the driver’s side front window.

Please call the police if you see it.

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Public Safety August 17, 2014 at 3:14 am

Police taser man at New York Ave./Museum of Women in the Arts

Does anyone know more about the incident that took place on Friday, August 15? It took place around 6 or 6:30 pm, I think, on the west side of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, at the intersection of H St, NW and New York Ave.

I didn’t see how it started, but I saw about a dozen police officers in a semi-circle, surrounding a man on that side of the museum. There were several police cars nearby. The police had shut down the intersection temporarily, even though it was still rush hour (or maybe a little after). The man appeared to be African American, maybe homeless. He was not wearing a shirt, but he was wearing pants of some sort. I was too far away to see more details and I couldn’t hear what he was yelling.

The police seemed very concerned. The officers in the semi-circle distracted the man as another officer approached with a taser. The man still wouldn’t quiet down. The the officer tagged him with the taser. The man became as stiff as a board and fell over into a large streetlight/pole.

A crowd of onlookers had gathered across the street, with at least a few people filming the scene with their smartphones. People in nearby buildings could also see the confrontation. I’ve spoken with several people who saw part of the incident. But no one saw what started the standoff, or why the police were so concerned. I don’t believe the man was armed, but he could have been making some sort of threat, or going after pedestrians. Or maybe something happened inside the museum? He was standing in front of the side exit. This is all speculation, since I didn’t see what happened before the police arrived.

None of the local news sites have any info about the incident. Surprising, considering how many people saw it (at least 20-30 people) and some people took video with their phones.

Public Safety June 8, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Street Harassment

Hi Popville,

This weekend I heard about something that happened to a friend of mine a few weeks back. He was exiting Coffy Cafe (14th street and Park rd) at about 8 pm on a Friday night and trying to catch a cab when three teenagers blocked his way and started asking him for bus fare (he couldn’t quite make out what they said but thinks it was something about a bus fare). When he ignored them and tried to move on, they kept blocking him and verbally threatening him. My friend then turned back and went back inside the coffee shop, and they followed him inside. He ordered a cab on his phone from inside the coffee shop, and the teens hanged around the coffee shop for a few minutes and left.

I’m not really sure what the goal was here on their part, and I know harassment happens, but what surprised/alarmed me personally about this is that it happened in the middle of a busy street. I’m new to DC and I try to be aware of my surroundings and avoid secluded areas at night but I’m wondering what to do if harassed like this in the middle of a busy place.


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