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General Discussion July 11, 2016 at 11:38 am

Dog Needs ACL Surgery

Hi Popvillers,

My mother’s dog needs to have surgery to repair a slight tear in his ACL (aka the CCL in dogs). She lives in NJ in a 2nd floor apartment and the dog won’t be able to do the stairs after his surgery. My apartment doesn’t have any stairs, so we’re discussing the possibility of bringing him down here for the surgery and recovery.

He’s a 65lb border collie/lab mix. Does anyone local have any experience with this kind of surgery for their dog and any recommendations/advice as to where I should take him for vet services? I’ve heard good things about Atlas (though I’m not sure they do this kind of procedure), but as this is an expensive surgery, I’m wondering if there are better options in the surrounding MD/VA area. [Side note, this dog used to live with me in DC for about two years, so he’ll be fine (and perfectly comfortable emotionally) with apartment/city living for the duration of his recovery, especially since his activity will have to be limited anyway.]

Any input is greatly appreciated.


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