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Public Safety November 20, 2012 at 1:50 am


New information about this case:
D.C. police kill man they say wielded knife
The Washington Post – Washington, D.C.
Author:Clarence Williams
Date:Dec 27, 2009
Start Page:C.10
Text Word Count:159
A man who reportedly lunged at officers with a knife was fatally shot by police Saturday in Northwest Washington, D.C. police said.
Officers fired at Tremaine Flythe, 32, of Northwest, about 1 p.m. during separate confrontations in the 400 and 600 blocks of Kenyon Street, police said.
At both spots, police said, Flythe lunged at the officers “in an attempt to inflict bodily harm.”
The officers were “in imminent fear of their lives” and fired their service weapons, the police said in a news release.
They added that the officers were sent to the area in response to a 911 call, but details were not available.
Flythe was being investigated in connection with an earlier offense, police said, but no information about the offense was provided.
The officers, both assigned to the 3rd Police District, were not identified. One has been on the force for five years, the other for six, police said.
The matter is under investigation.
[email protected]
The following is the rest of the story:
The FBI is/was investigating DC Police Officer responsible for the fatal shooting of Tremaine Flythe. He is now former Officer Travis Eagen.
The entire scene was witnessed by the man’s mother who was heard screaming “you killed my baby”. I believer it took place in the front yard of the dead man.
After the shooting the DC Police drug tested Officer Eagen (an Out Gay DC Cop btw). He tested positive for amphetamines. He was getting high all the week prior, if not longer, and was actually getting high on crystal meth right up to the minute he got the call to a disturbance in his neighborhood. For Officer Eagen the party had begun days earlier, and with no sleep he would not make it through the day without getting high. At least not on that day, and not on many others. 
During the hours and minutes before the shooting Officer Eagen parked his Police Car behind his apartment building at 701 Lamont, went up to his apartment, and got high while he waited for a call on his radio. I had seen him do this on other days, but not on the day of the fatal shooting. 
There were witnesses to Officer Eagen’s behavior, one of which is Willard Macallaster. He is willing to give his eye witness testimony. He is also a witness to Travis Eagen’s attempts to cover it up.
After testing positive for drugs Travis had his apartment raided and was drummed out of the force.Then his roommate and boyfriend of 10 years Kelly Kreitz was set up in a sex sting. Kelly got 7-10years I believe, and is currently incarcerated in the DC Jail.
Mr Willard Macallaster is eager to get the truth out, as am I. He is more than willing to cooperate and testify. He is a brave and decent person. A whistle blower. I think the community and victim’s family deserves to know the truth.
The authorities have all of this information already. I was told by a CI of the FBI’s that he told them to talk to Mr Macallaster about Officer Eagen, months ago, but they have not. I called the FBI Government Corruption Task Force myself and told an agent that Mr Macallaster has eye witness testimony to give. I am not sure why they have not gone to the DC Jail and asked him about what he saw.
After speaking with the FBI Government Corruption Task Force it is obvious to me they are not interested in getting to the truth. The agent I spoke to said they were already given the full story. The death of Tremaine Flythe is irrelevant to the FBI. They refuse to participate any further in the matter. I am hoping some pressure can be brought to bare on them.
Sean S Rasmussen

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