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Topic Tag: エルメス ブレスレット --"多くの良い素晴らしい

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Announcements October 15, 2012 at 11:59 am

How to handle cracked and spalled window sill?

Hello friends! 
I was replacing some windows, and I found horror when I got to the second floor…. two concrete window sills are in need of repair. I have worked with concrete before, but not on window sills. I have two window sill issues. On one window sill – it is spalling. A large piece of concrete came out into my hand. On the other window sill – a horizonal crack & and vertical crack. The cracking pattern is almost in the center. 
Question 1: For each of these issues – are these fixable with patching and/or filling do I need to purchase a precast concrete sill & replace the whole thing?
Question 2: What is your experience with this?

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