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There’s no easy answer:
Generally if you hire a contractor you will pay per man per hour on the job.  Whether they use a harsh chemical or a heat gun this will create heavy toxic fumes during the process.  If you insist on using a natural stripper you will have to refinace to pay for this. . .  🙂
Pulling the trims:
You or your contractor have to pay attention when doing this.    Some trims are delicate and can splinter during the removal.  Also you should mark trim sets so they are easier to reassemble once stripped.  Lastly sometimes the plaster will pull away with the trim and thus causing a domino effect with surrounding plaster.
If you do pull the trim, here’s a link to probably the only paint stripping shop in DC.  Note: Mr. Reed the owner is cantankerous.  He wil give general upfront pricing which is good.  However he is ALWAYS busy and you will receive minimum attention.,799645.html
Best of Luck