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I use Ethical Electric for my wind power supplier as well. They are HQd in Georgetown, a certified B-Corps, and provide local wind energy. I like Ethical Electric because 1) that they only supply 100% clean energy and 2) their mission is to make the world a cleaner, healthier, and more just world through the power of clean energy.

The company has a referral program that rewards members $50 for signing up friends and family. My referral link is:
Sign up with me and then create your own referral account so we can fight climate change together! (and so we both receive $50 checks after 3 months of active service!)

Everyone has their own reason, but personally I joined Ethical Electric so that I know where my money is going every month: instead of paying for fossil fuels that all at once dump climate-changing pollution into our atmosphere, contaminate drinking water with industrial waste, and cause increased rates of cancer, asthma, and heart attacks– I’m paying for 100% clean, local, renewable energy.